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The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl and her sidekick Goober Charlie

*Note to readers: There are going to be a few posts about Fitbloggin over the next 2 weeks. It’s taking me a long time to process this info, plus I have the added stress of UNPACKING MY DANG HOUSE, but I promise not to let these get boring. You know that’s a promise I can keep!
You all might recall I have a hard time meeting people I really admire. I get nervous, palms get sweaty, I say stupid things… the usual. And with the added pressure of KNOWING FULL WELL I was gonna meet Dietgirl, well, let’s just say in usual Charlie fashion, I was a mess about it.
After getting to the airport on Thursday and the fiasco that all was, including the 1.5 hour shuttle ride to GET from the airport to the hotel, well, it was just rough. I felt rough. I felt discombobulated. And I wanted just one glass of wine to calm me down.
So I get to the fitbloggin mixer, found my roomie for the night, Steve (more on the fabulous roomies in a later post), and we dropped off my luggage in the room. Then we headed back over to the hotel restaurant so I could get some food. And Steve told me there was a group of us meeting there.
MizFit, Dietgirl, JackSht, Karen Anderson, Christie Inge… the big ones. The ones I’ve been stressing about meeting.
So I’m sitting there at the table, trying to look all cool (after I did the Wayne’s world ‘I’m not worthy’ move at JackSht’s feet. No lie. I’m humble like that.) and not act like I was ready to pee my pants from the excitement of it all.
That was when the waiter, who speaks no-good English, brought the bread and butter. Only the butter looked like a thin wedge of cheese. And there was something totally shaped like a ball on the plate next to the butter.
“Excuse me, sir, but what is this ball thing?”
“It’s crap.”
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
(Translation from not-good English to English: CRAB)
Well, that (plus the glass of white wine) totally sent me into fits of giggles. Didn’t matter if I was sitting right across from Dietgirl (whose name is Shauna, BTW). I had no composure to keep my mouth from running. So I kinda acted like a goober. Plus, Shauna’s accent is so flipping adorable! Not to mention the moments we are speaking the same language, but it’s different words for different things. Just had me cracking up with obnoxious laughter! Plus, she was very interested in my uber red lips, and how I make it work since red is a hard color to keep on your lips. We had a discussion about that!
Sending her a direct tweet later that night (cause we’ve been exchanging DMtweets!), I told her this: ‘Sorry I acted like such a goober tonite. I’m still a little star struck!’
(Understatement of the year)
To which she tweeted me back and assured me she didn’t think I acted like a goober and was perfectly fine. Bless her heart.
On Friday, there was the 5K (which I slept through), Zumba (which clearly as the picture illustrates, I was working hard at…watching Jack throw apple cores in the hotel hallway...)
The "I'm not going into that Zumba Room" Club 
L to R: Me, JackSht, and Tracey Jones
(Photo by Susan Ito, AKA FoodieMcBody)

And finally, the evening affair I’d been waiting for: The solo performances of Foodie McBody and Paolo Sambrano. Guess who sat at my table? SHAUNA.

And she was just as sweet and funny as she was the first night. I was a little less goober-rific. Not much, but a little.
On Saturday, I went to the “Intuitive Eating” session, which Shauna was moderating. And the session as a whole was so much more than I could have dreamed. By far my favorite session of the weekend. Intuitive eating is about listening to the cravings of your body and entering moderation into the mix: Essentially, not letting the food control you, but not forcing you to control the food either.
Shauna started talking about the fact that she bought some KitKat bars, and they had been sitting on the counter for a while. She decided she would finally eat them, and offered some to her husband. Half to be exact.
The story went on that her hubs said, “Are you sure you want to share?”
To which Shauna said, “Oh, yeah, cause 2 fingers is enough for me.”
CLASSIC LOST IN TRANSLATION MOMENT. I didn’t think about KitKats having fingers, but they kinda do! Of course, being sleep deprived and giddy, my brain didn’t interpret it that way. NOOOOOOOOOO. I went into the gutter with it. And started CRACKING UP SNORTING.
About that time, you saw the wave of laughter working its way through the crowd. And Shauna was the last person to get it- I blame the lost in translation, because she’s smart as a whip. Which made it even funnier!
So of course, later that day during MY session with JackSht and Mrs.Fatass, I had to whisper that into the mic.
Just once.
“2 fingers worth.”
And everyone who had been at the Intuitive Eating session burst into laughter.
Shauna caught me in the hallway later and said something like “I heard you mentioned my 2 fingers and now everyone’s talking about it!”
I just nodded my head and grinned, because it really was one of the funniest lines I had ever heard!
We decided that later that night she was gonna stop by our hotel room and have a cocktail with us. SQUEEEEEEE! So we kinda got things together in our room. I ran down to the hotel store (AKA Overpriced Gas Station) and got a bottle of Bud Light and some orange juice. I wasn’t about to drink tequila like the rest of the gang. Noooooo, I’m too much of a lightweight for that. I needed just a little. So Beer and OJ, which we call a “poor man mimosa” was in order. I also picked up a little gift for Shauna, just in case she really did stop by.
Pretty soon, my phone tweet alert went off:
Shauna-  Are you still going up there? :)
Charlie- Yes, and I have a silly gift for you up here!!! Come on up!
Immediately the energy in the room intensified. It was me, Mrs. Fatass, Steve, and Sean. And we all just had one collective crap our pants moment. The flurry of excitement  exploded in our 21st floor hotel digs. “She’s coming! OMGosh! Shauna is gonna hang out with us!”
Of course, when she walked into the room, we were cool as cucumbers. All our hearts were racing, but Shauna? She kicked off her shoes, plopped down on a bed, and was even more awesome than I could have imagined!
I told her I was so thrilled, and I felt like I was meeting diet royalty, and her response was (and imagine her saying it with an Australian accent, cause that makes it even cuter)… “That’s just shite. I’m not royalty, I only went on this journey before you did.” If there were ever words that would make me love her more, those were it. Because she DOESN’T have a big head about things. She is a published author, wildly popular podcaster, and long time blogger with a huge following. Yet, there she was, kicking back like the rest of us, enjoying her poor man mimosa I made for her.
And the silly gift I had for her? It was a king size KitKat. (Hilarious to give someone at a health and wellness blog convention…) And her words about that were ones I will never forget.
“There must be AT LEAST SIX FINGERS in here!”
(I was cheesing SOOOO HARD!!!)

Shauna is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Warm and sweet, funny and smart, and so beautiful. Of all the “famous people” I’ve ever met, she is top of the list.
And I’m happy to have been her gooberific sidekick. Even if it was just for the weekend.
You can purchase Shauna’s book, The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, and I highly suggest you do. It's a read you will NEVER forget!


Steve said...

THANK YOU!!!! I feel totally validated about the whole "that butter looks like cheese!" thing! :D :D :D


TJ said...

Great post! I got to laugh again over all of the funny stuff! :) 2 fingers! :)

Shauna said...

Turns out there were 8 FINGERS and I had all of them AT ONCE!

(I am now realising it must only be Australia and UK where people can be heard to refer to a stick of KitKat as a finger. RED FACE!)

Emily Sandford said...

Seriously one of the funniest moments of #fitbloggin. And yes, Shauna is WONDERFUL. Girl crush to the max.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

Now I finally know...I was so freaking distracted during our panel that I missed the funniest part and until this very moment, didn't know exactly what was said!!

And you know what my dear Charlyn?? (Because I like to call you that, you know)...I think of YOU as a royal blogger! So there, your highness ;-)


Laurie said...

I was sitting two people away from you and had NO idea you were being a goober. Other than the red lipstick and the cheese butter, just clueless. (just have to admit, I was in awe of the level of Royalty as well).
Dang I wish I had been at the cocktail party, I would have had a few fingers myself.
Next year!

Angela Pea said...

Oh. I sort of thought you were royalty,too!

You know what my favorite vicarious moment is? Hanging with Jack Sh*t in the hallway. THAT would have been uber cool.

Sean @ Learn Fitness said...

I have to admit I had placed a lot of people on pedestals going into this weekend, Shauna being one of them. The fact that everyone was so authentic and open made the weekend so unforgettable and amazing.

Thanks for letting me tag along, I had such a blast. We definitely need to get together again, before 2012.

Kerri O said...

Love Shauna! Love you! Love this post! So much love ;) I was across from you for the whole 'crap' was freakin' hilarious!

Untypically Jia said...

So sad I missed it. Next year for sure!

Tanya said...

Great post Charlie! I think I would have been star struck too! Shauna's book is what got me into the whole Blog world!! LOVED it :-)

Jess said...

Left you an award on my blog!!!

Charlie Hills said...

Sorry I couldn't be there this year. I made it as far as Memphis, but then my bicycle got a flat tire and I had to push it back to Texas.

Foodie McBody said...

I just bought Shauna's book and I am gobbling it up like a bag full of KitKats!!!!!

LOVED meeting you, supergirl!

Amy said...

Finally FINALLY understand what all those "finger" tweets were about!

Amy @ A Little Nosh

Ana said...

I stalk your blog like a Bieber crazed teen...I love your blogging voice. I love your "go get 'em" personality. I greatly admire your faith.

I gave you an award! Thanks for being awesome Charlie!

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