Sunday, July 24

Christmas in July

Monday, July 18

Life as we knew it

Tuesday, July 12

Taming the Dragon...

It has been a long couple of weeks since I have posted.
Normally in the dieting blog world, when a site goes dark, nothing good is happening.
But that’s not the case here.
We’ve been rocking and rolling. Lots of great things.
Like summer break with the kids, and us enjoying every moment we can. A musical for the kids. And then there’s this little guy…

Merlin, the actual puppy. We got him from a family here in town. He’s a mutt, but boy does he look like a Newfoundland… which means he’s gonna be a horse. And you may recall that one of my greatest fears happens to be dogs.
Yet I’m finding that all the things I was once afraid of are not so bad.
(Except rats. I will probably be terrified of rats forever. I make no apology for that.)
Here’s the thing. I feel like right now it’s time for me to dive into all the things I have been avoiding in my life. I’ve gone through all my “stuff” and gotten rid of all the things I held onto. Be it personal possessions or attitudes and thoughts, I’m learning to conquer everything, one battle at a time. Some battles require backup, but I’ve got a fantastic support system in place to see me through.
And here’s a video (with my camerawoman Racy Tracy laughing through it all) about me doing just that. Taming the dragon within. Except this dragon is an actual dragon…

Taming the Dragon from Charlie Hester on Vimeo.
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