Sunday, November 20

Introducing Merlin...

So I haven't really taken the time to properly introduce you all to our dog, Merlin. He's part boarder collie, part mutt, and big part pain in the butt. He's almost 8 months old. Such a big boy...

Seriously, I can't imagine having a different dog than him. He's bright, completely housebroken (only took us about 7 weeks) and cute as heck.

Our family is in love with him, and after watching this video, you might understand why. (Ok, so Puppy the cat isn't THRILLED, but she tolerates him.) (Kinda-sorta.) (Ok, not really at all...)

Not to mention he is my new running partner. Lands sake, how that dog loves to run!

So, like all members of our house, Merlin has some qwerks. And he couldn't be more precious.

Just take a look...



Hyla said...

He is soooo cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his name!

Leebird said...

You are warped.

I have but one question. Who is the scary dude frozen on the TV screen?


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