Monday, November 21

Just ONE MORE... thoughts of a woman one pound from goal

For some reason, the aspect ratio is off, and it's not letting me fix it at the moment.
(Dear Santa, please bring me Final Cut Pro for Christmas so I can make kick butt videos that look amazing. Mmmmkay, thanks.)


Alyse said...

Aww Charlie you look great! It is so motivating to see someone with such dedication and zeal! You're an amazing person and you look fabulous! Keep up the great work, mama!

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

You freaking love you girl! And that it took "a long time" is such a good are SUCH a role model. Taking that time for emotional healing is THE KEY! Love love love this video!! LOVE!!

Tanya said...

Yayyyy!!!! I laughed when you said about your bones in your upper chest - that's the thing I've noticed the most on me!! Too funny :) Loved the video.

nikkianne said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am really excited for you and also longing to be 1 lb away from my goal!

Missie said...

Sorry I've been away from reading for so long. It's so hard to keep up with all the blogs I read sometimes. Blogger now offers an email subscription you can add to your sidebar. It's great. When you make an entry in your blog, it comes straight to my inbox. It makes keeping up so much easier. Have a good week!

Gina Covello said...

You are an inspiration. I'm kind of jealous too in a good way. Makes me want to go out and get that too. I'll have plenty of time to focus on exercise and rest and eating healthy, real foods while I'm in Costa Rica for a month. I plan to come back refreshed, rejuvenated, tan and a few pounds lighter. God bless!

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