Monday, June 28


It started off as an afternoon trip to see my husband and daughter perform.

Arts in the Park, an annual festival at the park down the street, was happening, and right after Tim's baseball game, he and Natalie and I headed to the park. And about a block away, I could smell them.


I have an issue with funnel cakes. You may recall that I drove to Burger King to try out their Funnel cake sticks, and found them greatly lacking compared to the fair-related concoction. Ever since then, I promised myself that I would one day remember their greasy goodness.

So after dropping an insane amount of cash on one elephant ear, a large lemon shakeup, and one funnel cake for mama, we found a bench.

Now, I will say something for my blog readers. THEY ARE LOYAL. In fact, a few of them were sitting between the funnel cake vendor and the bench. And they saw me carrying an elephant ear that was bigger than my head and that darn funnel cake.

And Debbie P., who has been on an incredible weight loss journey of her own- and is down 60 pounds (probably more by now- she looks it!)- piped up. God bless her for that. She said-

"Now I read your blog, and we are supposed to be holding you accountable, and you don't need that funnel cake and elephant ear. You asked us to help, so don't do it."

I assured her that it was supposed to be for the kids, and went on my way. I told Tim, "you guys are supposed to share these with each other. But leave me a few bites of the funnel cake. I just want to taste it."

And I walked away, knowing that my kids wouldn't move with such yummy food on their laps, and talked to some people for 10 minutes, watching the back of their sweet little heads on the bench the whole time.

When I sat back down with them, the elephant ear was completely gone, and there was one teeny tiny bite of the funnel cake left on the paper plate. My kids had powdered sugar all over their faces, and looked rather guilty.

Irritated by the fact they had just inhaled the funnel cake, I asked them, "Did you chew it, or just swallow it whole?"

We then proceeded to watch the performance (Matt and Amy did very very well- I was extremely proud of both of them) and they came down to the bench when they were done. Matt said "Can Amy and I get something to eat?"

"Sure! But if you get a funnel cake, will you give me some? I didn't get any from the one I got before. Well, I got a bite."

"Of course you can have some!" said Matt, as he took the cash I had and headed for the food vendor of temptation.

And as I chatted with a few more people, I dreamed about the greasy goodness of the funnel cake. I imagined Matt and I, standing over the paper plate, looking at each other with absolute love in our eyes, sharing the funnel cake like Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti. Only I can make food sound like a Harlequin Romance Novel. I am a sick sick woman.

We started walking home, and our daughter Natalie asked to carry the funnel cake as we walked. This was bad for two reasons. A- she is kinda clumsy, and that funnel cake was going to hit the sidewalk. B- I knew she would help Daddy EAT THE FUNNEL CAKE.

So I took Matt's drink from him and told him to eat while we walked. About halfway home, I asked him if I could have some of it. And he tore off one last piece, leaving me a third of it. So I took the plate and my eyes took in the beauty of the funnel cake. And my husband sweetly said:

"Um, I tore off the piece for you. I wasn't gonna give you that much."

In Matt's defense, he has had to listen to me whine about being fat for years now. And he was trying to help me.

But in all honesty, I can say that all it did was really piss me off. Not that he was helping me- but that I wasn't going to get any more of the funnel cake I had been fantasizing about.

Here's the thing about me. I feel justified when it comes to food. I feel like if I have done a good job dieting (which I had this week) then I deserve a treat.

And I have come to the conclusion that this is the mental downfall of dieters everywhere. We think that one bad choice makes up for all the good ones we sacrificingly made. And this could not be farther from the truth. Every choice matters. Every stronghold we have with food has to be broken.

I wish I could tell you that I came to my senses by the end of the night. But I didn't. I was so mad about missing out on the funnel cake that I ordered a Domino's breadbowl and ate every bit of it. And now, today, I am paying the price for it. Cause I weigh 183.8 and that is not where I wanted to be on Monday morning. Because I was upset that my family was so selfish (which is an absolute joke. I am the queen of selfish) I retalliated to teach them a lesson. But all I did was hurt myself.

As I push forward with this losing weight business, I am finding so much about how I associate food with making me feel better. This is not a thyroid condition, or lazy metabolism. This is Charlie making herself less (and pick your word here...) angry, sad, discontent- whatever I am feeling, I try to make it better with food.

Obviously, if I knew the solution to this problem, I would tell you. But I can say that years ago I went to a counselor for eating disorders, and didn't find the answer there either. I thought it was brutally unfair that she was skinny, and thought she had no idea where I was coming from.

But WE- us who gather on this silly blog- we know exactly where everyone is coming from. We understand how hard it is to pass on something so simple as a funnel cake, or Domino's. We know all to well that our emotional state directly effects our eating habits. I think the best thing we can do for each other is allow ourselves to recognize that this is our modus operandi. And fight it together. If we talk openly about our dieting shortcomings together, we can fight it head on.

I will tell you I have no problem dieting Monday through Friday. It's the weekends that I struggle with the most. So I need to get a game plan together for the weekend. I have 5 days to formulate a solution. I am willing to take any suggestions you all have.



Anonymous said...

That sounds like something I would do!
Weekends were always my hardest, too. What day is your "official" weigh-in day with WW? For instance, if it's Monday, could you move it to Friday so you have more of your 35 "extra" points (I can't remember what they're called right now) to use on the weekend - especially if you're good about tracking M-F.
That would be my first suggestion. I'm sure I've got other suggestions, but right now this baby is sucking my brain cells away. . . .

Danielle said...

Oh, gosh! I am a weak sucker for some funnel cake! You did good is what I say because I would have just eaten a whole one by myself... Diet or not. And since I have blown my 'diet' since Jersey I don't have any advice for you. Sorry!

I have been thinking of trying WW but I just don't know. I'm scared to try it and it not work too. And I wouldn't be able to go to meetings... I don't know what to do anymore.

Amanda said...

From reading "Lose It For Life," I have determined that I eat when I am bored and/or stressed. So now I know when I am bored and thinking about what to eat, I find something else to do. When I am stressed (which happens a lot for the stay-at-home-mom to an 11m old and a 3.5 year old), instead of eating, I stress-clean or workout. I have started viewing my workouts as "my time" and doing something to make me feel better.

Anonymous said...

I so can relate to ordering the food you wanted and your honesty. Have you tried waiting 15 minutes and making sure you want to eat whatever you were being tempted by or looking at yourself in the mirror and then seeing all the areas you need to improve and then regaining your fighting spirit?
Also, I love the Daily Diary of a Winning Loser.
Sorry to be jumping around on ideas, but on weekends, can you do activities that won't allow you to eat? Did you eat during the yard sale for your GMA? Maybe work out in the yard? Or become a professional yard sale setter-upper and then you won't eat and you could make a little extra money on the side?!?!

Anonymous said...

Nothing taste as good as thin!

Angela Pea said...

*sigh* I am so glad I don't like funnel cakes. My fair food downfall? Corndogs.

For weekends, I just stay busy and AWAY from the kitchen and any other place that has food I want to stuff in my face. I KNOW that I have no self control, especially when I'm angry at my selfish family for eating treats in front of me. (Darned skinny teenagers! Blasted Husband!)

I haven't figured this one out yet, either, Charlie. I eat more out of anger and frustration than I do out of sadness or boredom. The only thing I can offer for you right now is moral support. If I find the answer, I'll share it with you first.

Leebird said...

Hey sweet one! (no funnel cake pun intended)

I am a sucker for funnel cakes AND corn dogs..and the roasted corn on the cobs loaded with salt and butter. Glad I am too cheap to go to the fair. :)

Weekends are difficult for me, too. It's the loosening of the structure that does it to me. I'm starting to read an interesting book I found at BigLots of all places (I think God put it there for me). It's called "The Writing
Diet: Write Yourself Right Size" by Julia Cameron. I'm not very far in it yet, but I think the main premise is to write about your feelings so that you can get to the bottom of what's "eating you" which will help with the emotional eating many women do. I'll let you know what I learn.

trimadsco said...

Oh I so feel your pain! I have MANY TIMES fallen into that trap of "I've been doing so good, I'm going to treat myself!" - only to regret it later! Wish I had the magic answer to NOT doing it, but I don't. Like some of the others, I just try to keep myself busy,and try to avoid putting myself in situations that set me up to fail. But sometimes, I DO give in, and then I just remind myself that tomorrow is a new day, and I try harder!
I agree about maybe changing your weigh-in day. I weigh in on Thursdays, so I feel ok about using my "extra" 35 points on the weekend. Then I have the next week to do really good before weigh in!
Good luck!

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