Tuesday, July 27

Phasing the Truth

(Photo by my 16 year old nephew Tyler. I love this picture. Feels like where I have been for a year!)

Phase one: Get really motivated, start a weight loss blog, and lose a crap ton of weight.

Phase two: Get unmotivated, bounce back up to 186.8 and hang out within a 15 pound spread for a year. A FLIPPING YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phase three: Look at a really crappy picture of yourself, realize how bloated you feel, recognize that your knees hurt again, and get your fat butt back on the dieting wagon.
Guess which phase I’m in?

If you guessed three, you’d be right. The truth is I’m tired of thinking about, writing about, and dealing with the diet. I’m so sick of it, I just want to finish this. Get it over with. Make myself get down and dirty with the diet and just do it.

So what does that mean?

That means OBSESSION with all things diet. Making up with Jillian. Eating Smart Ones. Drinking Crystal Lite Pure Fitness. Indulging on Quaker Pure Delights Raspberry Mocha Café Bars instead of Butterfingers. (Holy cow, have you tried those yet? 2 weight watcher points per bar, and they are delectable!) Eating FACON (pronounced Fake-un) sandwiches.

Yeah, I said Facon.

Cause in order for me to maintain any semblance of control over my diet, I need to skip the bacon. I KNOW what eat this, not that says. But I know my body. It craves more than just one strip of bacon. So I tried these last night for the first time.

The review is mixed.

They do NOT replace bacon in my book. However, once I am in a state of utter desperation for something “bad” in my diet (and we all know it happens) these are not the worst case scenario. I read an online review about the facon, and it made me laugh pretty hard. Cause it’s all true. Yet these strips of smokey chemical madness only have 1 weight watcher point per serving. So they stay on the short list. Plus, Facon is very fun to say. Facon facon facon.

Last night, while talking with my BFF Julia, she encouraged me to start writing everything I eat. My friend Tanya did too. Julia even challenged me to put it all here on the blog. (She understands that I behave when publicly open to humiliation) And although I am all about full disclosure here on the blog, there is no way I can commit to writing down on OSCBB things as I eat them. I’m not nearly that disciplined.

What I can do is find creative ways to keep you informed about my eating habits. So here’s what I will do. If I cheat- I’m putting it on the blog. If you don’t hear anything, I’m in the clear. But if I tell you I’ve eaten something rotten, or go over on my points for the day, you will hear about it. Pinkie swear.

SO that’s where I am. Starting over. From the new square one. No more painful challenges I watch sail by me. No 2 pound goals per week. I’m just sticking with the Weight Watchers program. 23 points per day, with an extra 35 a week to binge on, and finding ways to get activity points in. Tricky Nikki and Lee Ann and Theresa are going to help hold me accountable. I am not starting up the walking group again, but we are going to find times to get together and walk. My friend Kara is going to be at the YMCA more too, so I can meet her there some mornings. It’s all a good thing.

186.8 feels awful to say. It looks worse in the mirror. Especially when some of the final contestants on “Dance your a$$ off” weigh less than me now. Yikes. How the mighty have fallen.

That’s ok, though. I’m determined to stay on track till Christmas. Hardcore weight watching. It’s about time to dance to the finish line. I’ve been dragging my two left feet for far too long anyway.


Mari said...

I'm with ya gal. I am slowly moving from stage 2 to 3. I want to finish this year with another 10-15 pounds off. I'm cheering you on!!

Angela Pea said...

YEAH!!! You found it! You found your guts, your gumption!

*Big Air Kisses Here*

Oh, I'm so excited for you, so proud, so, so, GIDDY!! You can do this. I can do this. So can Mari. We are going to track points and move our frannies and get this over and done with. Then we'll write a book about it and get famous.

Anonymous said...

Having been at phase 3, I know exactly how you feel! And you're doing exactly what I would - start over and try to be excited about it again. (Not that I can talk much now being in the preggo state that I am - but the doc said today I was gaining weight at a good pace - after all, what comes on must eventually come off! [or out, but I know it won't all come out])

Proud of you for getting "back on the wagon" and my growing preggo behind will be cheering you on from the sidelines! (After all, this time next year, I will be in weight loss mode!)


P.S. - the "facon facon facon" line totally reminded me of the commercial for the "bacon bacon bacon" dog treats (or, I guess it's beggin beggin beggin) :)

Julie said...

GREAT JOB! And BEST of LUCK! I'll be right there with you.
But the Facon thing....can't do that...Have you tried the Louis Rich Turkey Bacon? That has TONS of protein and not much fat...(it's a staple on any southbeach diet/high protein-low carb thing). I also read something yesterday that I found intriguing: the least amount ingredients in a food -->the most weight loss. So, for example, if you have "chicken" or "2 eggs" or "apple" or "facon"...what item here is going to have the most ingredients?? I've not tried it full blown, but I do like the sound of it!
Hang in there and I'll be headed down the same path with you! :)

Devin said...

Charlie, I know it must be incredibly hard....but you really still are an inspiration to many, many people. Dieting sucks. There is just no other way to put it....but the results do pay off in the end, and I have a feeling that you are going to be at 'the end' very soon! Hang in there, friend. Keep inspiring us all....

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