Monday, July 5

Behind the scenes of the Crystal Light Commercial

For those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook, you know I worked on a Crystal Light commercial. (And if you aren't friends with me on FB, WHY AREN'T YOU???? My FB badge is right there, and I am easy to find!)

I will link you to the final product (aka- my commercial) but first I have to tell you what a trip this was to film. As you well know, I love video media. I love editing and filming, and making something cool out of random shots. This one was a little different though. There is something about filming yourself doing silly things that makes you a little self consious.

So, instead of telling you all about it, I created a video about it. Cause that was more fun to me.

But first, I need to tell you a few important things about the shoot.

1. This commercial was for a commercial contest on Poptent. This is an online community of creative types. I was in a commercial this last June that won an honorable mention, and that got me excited. So I joined the Poptent community and started plotting my first commercial.

2. I "rented" a camera from Walmart. I thought that my camera quality paled in comparison with the other commercial creators. I have observed that their cameras are insanely good and professional. All I have is a Kodak camera from 2004 and the Kodak version of the Flip. Great for making vlogs, but not what I need to make commercials. So I bought a camera at Walmart to test during the commercial filming. And honestly, while the quality was better than what I had, it still is not nearly good enough to beat my competetors. (Not trying to be a negative Nancy here, just speaking the truth.) After using the camera, I decided I didn't like it at all anyway, because the compartment to get the memory card out was difficult to operate. So after the commercial was done, I took it back. (I HATE being broke and not being able to afford a sweet camera so I can create magic! But the good ones are $2000 to $4000, and that is not something we can swing right now. So the rented camera had to do.

3. Crystal Light Pure Fitness is AAAAH-MAZ-ING! If you haven't tried it, then you are missing out. It's only got 15 calories a serving, the taste is outstanding, and my family is now addicted. Yours should be too.

4. In the spirit of generating some press about my commercial, I am linking it here. Right now, my commercial is number 8 out of the 10 most watched commercials. Can we get it into the top 3? Can you watch it again and again and link about it? So I can win the $7000 prize? That would be wonderful if we could! Not that voting matters, because there is no voting. I am just hoping that pure popularity will work in my favor. And please be sure to leave me a comment here and let me know what you think of it!

So please watch the commercial,

then come back and enjoy the behind the scenes. Fingers crossed, gang! I really want to win!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this!! I am on my way out to buy some right now!!

Kara said...

I love the baby in the end. He is just the cutest.

Jackie said...

Wow girl.....I love your commercial and the behind the scenes too!! You go girl!!

I'm gonna have to get some today!!

Sweet Blessings!
PS....Can I say I "knew you when" when you become famous in the commercial production world??? You know, back when we were "Hungry Girls" meeting at the airport in Charlotte last year for PV31!! LOL!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You are absolutley hysterical!! I love it!! Where do I go to watch/ vote online??

Lauren said...

Fantastic job!

Charlie's Mom said...

It is "crystal" clear that this "light" beverage is for me!!!! Your commercial is as great as this fitness drink is delicious! I had to make some strawberry kiwi Crystal Light after watching your commercial! :)

p.s. Can the kid in the green hair come over and make me some Crystal Light drink too? (Who is that kid any way?)

Anonymous said...

Splendid job on this project! Everyone will want to buy Crystal Light after watching your commercial. I use it all the time for personal wellness. I add a scoop of Benefiber into my water bottle along with Crystal Light and shake. First you scoop then you poop! It's a winning combination!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ok, sorry I've been gone so long and I really should be ironing kids clothes for church, but that was so funny. You should really be their spokesmodel! And the watergun cabana boy is so ingenious!

Danielle said...

At the library so I finally got to watch! Finally! It was fantastic and, girl, you've got talent!

Love you!

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