Sunday, February 20

Cooking with Margaret the Saint

And I'm not going too. But she is one of those people that you are better for knowing, and I feel compelled to bless your lives by introducing you to her. My mom is kind, generous, and I get all my funny from her.

And technically, this is NOT facebook. (((GRIN)))

This video has been years in the making. And by that I mean I have attempted to make her famous "Icing" for my entire life. Never once have I succeeded in getting it right. And it's all my Mom's fault, because she dumps instead of measures. So in the hopes that I can actually make it like her, I filmed her working her magic. I swear she throws in fairy dust or something when I'm not looking, but as the video shows, she doesn't do anything special except laugh her way through it, and make an insanely delicious icing.

So here we are, Margaret the Saint and me, making icing.

This video is about 10 minutes long, but I PROMISE it's worth every single second. And I finally figured out how to make my camera HD like, (I've had it on the wrong setting this WHOLE TIME! Figures...) so the quality will be better from this video on out.

And I HIGHLY recommend clicking the 4 arrows so you can make this video full screen. It's way easier to see what she's doing.

Cooking with Margaret the Saint from Charlie Hester on Vimeo.


Jennifer Kay said... awesome video to always remember your mother and her secret recipe.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

And yes, I call my kids "Turdy Macgoo" if they are being silly. I also call my kids "Dude" on a regular basis. Next round of babies, I'm just going to call them Dude right out of the gate. ;)

Missie said...

A wonderful video to hold on to thru the ages!

Angela Pea said...

Oh Charlie!
This is the same recipe I use for icing! My Grandmother (Dad's Mom) learned from someone she knew who was a baker, she taught my mom, and Mom taught me. I'd offer you the recipe with exact measurements, but, uh, we make it using the dump method, too!

Ana said...

This had me laughing so hard! I love the dump method, and the fact that your mom said, "And we just add whatever is missing!" And the whole explanation of the milk bottle veiny thingies look like the udders of a cow-hilarious! And I have the same coffee grinder as your mom :D

Q said...

My mom strikes the same pose when she's showing off her sweatshirt, it's uncanny!

I've never made icing with shortening or butter extract before. I use stick butter instead of shortening. Sometimes I use almond extract in my frosting.

Shrinking Mommy said... it..looks like you had fun!

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