Tuesday, February 15

Instead of Blogging...

Instead of blogging, I have been:

Tumbling down my front porch steps on ice ONE DAY before it started melting.
Bruising my butt and wrenching my back.
Learning how to crosstitch.
Writing massive amounts of emails.
Sleeping and not moving, trying to get my back in working order again.
Purchasing an analog scale and realizing I need bifocals to see the numbers on it.
Returning a scale because that’s easier than admitting I need bifocals.
Learning how to make meringue cookies with Splenda Brown Sugar.
Trying to figure out how to make giving Matt a tattoo late for Valentine’s day romantic.
Looking at my floors and deciding I need to mop.
Playing with the idea of getting bangs, a la Rockabilly style.
Making heart shaped ranch burgers for the family for a Valentine’s Dinner.
Getting to hear from 4 people unanimously that I don’t suck at cooking too much. (But I do. I’m much better at baking.)
Wishing I could take a cake decorating class.
Getting a coupon from The Coupon Queen for a package of FREE Poise Pads. (She totally gets me!)
Getting 2 samples of Shakeology in the mail from longtime friend Stephan, which I am anxious to try. Cause I wanna be Yum Yucky when I grow up.
Learning that the keynote speakers for Fitbloggin are going amazing!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to since last Friday. I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things.
What about you guys? Anything interesting that I’ve missed?


Angela Pea said...

Nope. Nothing new. Oh! Wait! It's SEVENTY TWO degrees today! I walked a 5K at lunchtime, just to go outside and get some Vitamin D action.

Other than that, nada. I did finish ALL the laundry on Sunday, but it only lasted until Monday. Pffft.

Mari said...

I'd say you have been busy, and creative!! How is the back and butt? :)

Yum Yucky said...

I suddenly wants me a ranch burger. Can I haz? (you're gonna love that Shakeology, woman)

Joob said...

You're adorable! I like the idea of heart shaped burgers.

What a good few days you have had - except the slipping and falling part.

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