Thursday, June 16


Here's the deal.

We got the total bill for "Big Blue," our new mini-van that tanked out on me while I was driving to the airport to get to Fitbloggin. And it's $700.

We honestly don't have that. Not without taking another month to save up for it. And I'm getting desperate to get back Big Blue. Especially after I forgot to go pick up Matt at work yesterday afternoon, and left him sitting in his office for 30 minutes wondering where I was. (I was at home, painting the girls' toenails)

I started thinking of all the things I could do to raise the money. Sell a kidney, donate plasma, sell my treadmill (aka- the dreadmill) for a steal...

But even doing all of those things wouldn't get me close to the $700 mark. Well, perhaps selling a kidney would, but that's also illegal. So it's not going to happen.

Then I realized something. I wrote a book. A book I have been sitting on for over 3 years that I've never done anything with.

My Thinking Cap Ran Out of Batteries.

It's about motherhood and faith. And how to learn valuable lessons from the stunts your kids pull. It's really good. (But I'm biased. However, my mom, Margaret the Saint thinks it's good too! Wait, she's biased too...)

With the popularity of ebooks these days, there's really not much of a reason to kill a bunch of trees so I can be published on paper. And frankly, did I mention I'm getting desperate to get my van back?


I'm asking if you will buy my book.
(Purty Please?)

It's not even expensive. Only $9.99!

Here's the thing. I have set up a paypal merchant button on the top left hand of the blog, under the header. You will see where it says "Buy Now." If you click it, you can use pay pal or a major credit card to make your purchase. Make sure you list your email address in "notes to seller." Then, I will email you a copy of my book.

Here's the disclaimer. I don't have it available for devices like Nooks and Kindles. YET. But any money that I make over what I need to get the van back, I promise I will invest into making that happen. What you will get for the low low price of $9.99 is a document mailed to you in Word format. (I'm making chicken soup out of chicken poop, folks. It's what I've got.) If you have an issue with the format you get, just shoot me an email and I'll send you the kind you need.

Want to try before you buy? I posted a sample chapter of Thinking Cap a while back. This is Chapter 4, called TORNADO, and feel free to go back and read it before you decide. :) It is a Christian book, but it's funny and heartwarming and touching too. I grew a lot as a mother writing this book. So you might like it. It's about 100 pages long, so if you are thinking about printing it out, I want to give you fair warning.

I only need to sell 70 copies to get Big Blue back. THAT'S IT!!! I know I've asked you readers for lots of support emotionally, but this feels different. If I didn't think the book was good, I wouldn't do this. But I know this book means a lot to me. And since you are here, you know I don't suck so bad as a writer.

Maybe maybe maybe, could you pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top give me and my book a chance?

It just might bolstier my confidence enough to start working on "The Ultimate Fatgirl's Guide to Losing Weight and Not Hating it Too Much..." obviously that's the working title!

Much love,
Van-less Charlie


Anonymous said...

If we buy the e-book...will u give us the nook/kindle version free if and when u get it in that format??? {Just an idea}... :)

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

UM- YES!!!! I can announce it on the blog as soon as it's available! I've just started to look into that, but I intend to make it happen as soon as possible!

Anonymous said...

Because as a mommy...u know that little portable ereader can sometimes give us the only peace in the car, @ the ball games, in the bathroom, etc....and sometimes u just need a good laugh or smile.

Anonymous said...

By the way...I will purchase one...anything to help a fellow mommy with a tornado. I have one named Joshua!!

Laurie said...

You know I love you and your writing. I am a mom, yes, but, uhm, I am Jewish. I'm thinking it just isn't going to be what I want to be reading?
Can I buy the kidney??

Lena said...

You should put a paypal tip jar on your blog too. For people who have 3 bucks in paypal and would love to send it to someone who makes me smile every time I read her blog ( like you) . Its not alot but im sure lots of people have small amounts left over from purchases.

Anonymous said...

Charlie! Call me. First, you shouldn't be distributing the word version of your book, because it's intellectual property and you need to protect your interests. You need to distribute it as a PDF.

Second, I know how to change the word file into a pretty pdf for you.

Third (Best Part!) KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A WORD FILE INTO A NOOK FILE. I do it all the time for my speaking notes, etc. and I'd be happy to translate it for you.


Suzy said...

Charlie--as soon as you can create the nook version---I am IN!!!! DO IT GIRL!!!

(You had me at "BIG BLUE"--it's my alma mater's 'mascot': MILLIKIN!)

I love interesting and exciting books!

LBDDiaries said...
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