Tuesday, April 12

Charlie and the Orb of Mystery


Leaving Fatville said...



There are no words. Wait, yes there are. I can't wait to see that ultrasound!

Q said...

My mother has all kinds of weird vitals. Very low blood pressure, low iron, low cholesterol (low bad but also low good so the ratio is OK). But the dopes that check her out (it's never the same person, and they tend not to check her files for consistency) freak out each time. Those levels are NORMAL for her. But b/c they're not quote/unquote normal for the majority of people, the nurses get all bent out of shape. She knows her body best.

So if your doctor comes back about those tests, and those test results are normal, that just means they've eliminated what ISN'T wrong. That doesn't mean nothing is wrong.

I'm always saying that while doctors are to be commended and respected for what they do, there's a reason they call it a "practice." Doctors only can diagnose what they've seen before. They're really just practicing.

Jennifer Kay said...

Oh my gosh dude you totally look pregnant! How old are your kids!?!?!? I would be asking for the ultrasound today! :)

Ana said...

You got it right girl! We are in charge of our own health decisions. You have a right to demand that ultrasound. If they tell you they'll give you an x-ray, tell them to stop blowing sunshine up your skirt and give you an ultrasound!

I hope it all turns out for the best for you :) Those symptoms sound like pregnancy to me because I had them all when preggers with my now 7 month old vivacious red head :)

Losing 100 said...

Ummm... Wow! I'll tell ya what. I've had six babies, and knew before the pg. test every time. On my fourth child, I took 3 home pg. tests and they were all negative. I went to the dr. and told them my pee was broken! A blood test said positive. Good Luck with whatever happens. My baby is 7 months. It's been tough, but worth it.

Lacey Q said...

Goodness! That looks like a baby bump to me. Take care regardless and keep on those doctors!

Amelia said...

I can't wait to see the outcome of this!!!

Laura Greene said...

I don't have too much to say other than that looks like a baby bump! Hopefully it's not a "tumah". As for parasites....well...babies are a kind of parasite aren't they, lol?

I just had my very first pregnancy "scare". It scared me, but a little part of me was excited. No baby for me though. Would you be axcited to have another one?

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...


You are amazing. Look how skinny minnie you are! And that bump. ARe you more scared, or excited?

I hope that the flow comes easily, and that you rest up.


Losing It said...

I'm surprised an ultrasound wasn't the first thing they did.

I mean, seriously, c'mon doctors!

Shrinking Mommy of 2 said...

WOW!! Can't wait to find out!

Untypically Jia said...

Whoreface, when you get the results back from the ultrasound I totally expect a text from you. Yeah, that's right, I'm not about to wait around for a blog update.

Lucy said...

I am a new follower and what a post to start with!

First of all I am blown away by your weight loss - inspirational.

Charlie, your blog is gorgeous.

And I am fascinated to see what happens next with your Drs!

Lucy xx

Devin said...


That is incredible...and REALLY resembles most preggo bellies I've seen. ;) And I should know, you know.

Also--with my fourth (the baby I lost) I took FOUR tests (at home). They all came back negative...but I was definitely pregnant the whole time I was taking them! Weird, huh?

Trust your instincts, Charlie. If you think something isn't right, it probably isn't. Don't quit until you are satisfied with the answer you get!!

MizFit said...

awaiting the ultra sound lady and ALSO here to say that each and every time I see your avatar on my FB page I grin.

Gina Covello said...

I just read somewhere that if you read someone's blog, it is good manners to comment on it. So here goes: I pray you are with child. If you are, that would be such an inspiration of faith! I know that nothing is impossible with God. He is the creator of all the universe, so he could definitely move a few cells to reverse tubal ligation.

He has called me to start a business that looks impossible and the faith walk is truly an act of flexing the faith muscles. Sometimes what He calls us to looks crazy to others, but when we know we are in His will, we have to keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

I hope, hope, hope, you are pregnant. I'm a gyne oncology nurse and our ovarian cancer patients commonly look pregnant from their disease. Please keep on your doctors, have them draw a CA-125 if they have not already.

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