Thursday, April 21

Checking on the Listings

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with trying to focus my mind on other things. Thinking about fun things I have to look forward too. Here are some of the items I stew on when my mind needs distraction.

1. The take down of Bank Of America in regards to our credit report. This issue with the pretend foreclosure is still a work in progress, but the good news is "If they can't prove it, they have to remove it." We are working hard to stay on top of this. As soon as it's gone, we are going to get our house. (So say a prayer everyone else who sees the house we want HATES it. Petty? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely.)

2. Fitbloggin. Is. One. Month. Away. YIKES! I still have to get my plane ticket next week, but I'm really looking forward to sharing the stage with my buddy Sue from Mrs. Fatass- Did I Just Eat That out Loud? and Jack from Jack Sh*t Gettin Fit. 2 of my favorite bloggers, and I not only get to meet them, I get to be a BRAIN TRUST about humor with them (oh the irony of that statement! Just kidding, kids. These 2 folks are crazy smart. I hope I measure up!) If that's not moving up the virtual ladder in blogger land, I don't know what is! I also get to meet a whole bunch of other great folks who I'm not going to name, because I will forget one and hurt their feelings. And I don't want to do that. Point is, it's gonna be a fun trip! (Plus, I'm meeting 2 Fit Chicks and a Mircophone! SQUEEEEEEEE!)

3. My husband thinks I'm hot. This covers a multitude of thoughts. Cause I'm like a teenage boy. 'Nuff said.

4. While my belly has been puffy, I've been able to pluck out every belly button hair with ease. I also tackled the transgender hair folicles that think I'm supposed to be growing a whisker or 2. I found a 2 inch long hair on my cheek that grew outta nowhere. Being an adult is fun, n'est pas?

5. My son told me last night that I smelled of tuna. But he told me it was the good kind of tuna. He has no idea what the "grown up" meaning of that statement is, but it floored me. I didn't know if I should laugh my head off or run to Walgreens for some Summer's Eve. Turns out, he had consumed tuna earlier in the day, so it had nothing to do with me. He just needed to brush his teeth. We both are aromatically right as rain now.

6. I went to Walgreens anyway last night because we needed charcoal. I purchased (and paid for) a long lighter for starting the grill, 2 toffee Symphony bars, and charcoal.  I left Walgreens with only my charcoal. My brain is getting older than the rest of me. I still need to go get my stuff today!

7. I am addicted to Extreme Couponing on TLC. And my friend Theresa has agreed to help me get crazy with coupons. Our goal is to be featured on the show sometime in 2012 cause we have done so well. It could happen!

8. My husband thinks I'm hot. (Yep, every 6 thoughts come back to that!)

9. My daughters need to stop getting so pretty. Also, Matt and I need to start stocking up on ammo to threaten boys with. They are no longer "little" girls.

10. My personalized bobble head makes me laugh every time I see it. Best. Gift. EVER. See?
My husband is the best gift giver in the world.

So there you have it. Straight from Charlie's Brain to your eyes. I can't wait to see what the next week brings in the way of excitement!

What do you think about when you need distractions?


Laura Greene said...

The bobble head is freaking amazing! I absolutely love it, lol.

I need to go pluck out some errant hairs now....

Maria said...

Oh don't even get me started on the rogue hairs that have to be chased down and eradicated with extreme prejudice!

I wish you luck on extreme couponing, it's way too much work for me. I'll just stick with my semi-serious couponing.

Where did he get that bobblehead? That is awesome!

Legally Fabulous said...

Okay forgive me if I'm totally overstepping here. I recently found your blog and read several of your old posts this AM.

First off - Congratulations! your weight loss is awesome and totally inspiring.

Second - the belly swelling.
Did you doctors do any sort of ultrasound or CT scan??
The reason I ask... My mom had ovarian cancer and my friends mom passed away from ovarian cancer in 2003. The only symptoms that my friends Mom had was that her belly had swelled up to the point that she looked pregnant... even though she wasn't.
I know it sounds totally insane and I'm sure it's NOT the big C, but I just couldn't let myself say nothing... just in case!
I know you're so young and healthy so ovarian cancer is REALLY not likely... but my mom was young and healthy too.. it's a really f'ed up type of cancer, so I just had to say something since most people don't know the symptoms!

Okay so don't want to freak you out, just had to throw that idea out there in case it's something the doctors have overlooked. Hope you get it figured out soon, how annoying!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Funny post! For me, being single and dating are such huge motivators in weight loss because I want to look hot for someone! Superficial, but a very powerful motivator!

Also that Extreme Couponing is intense! I love it!

Angela Pea said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Love you Charlie, and I'm glad you're having a great day with a fabulous outlook.

FitBloggin? I'm positively green with envy. Really. Green. Emerald with tinges of forest.

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