Monday, October 19

Monday, Monday

Well, I gotta tell you. This weekend was full of surprises.

Like the surprise of figuring out it is possible to eat Pizza Hut on your diet if you don’t overdo it. And feeling the thrill of tackling 10 loads of laundry yesterday afternoon. Granted, they are sitting folded in towering stacks on the dining room table, but they are folded and clean!

And Saturday. The day that changed my life. I got some really exciting news (which you will be filled in on soon enough) that made me jump for joy and pee my pants. I only peed because of the jumping, or at least that’s the story I’m sticking to. But this news is big enough that it has rekindled some real fires in me to get things going again on the diet front.

Because let’s just say that I will be needing a new head shot soon. And I want it to look good. Really good. God has blessed me with an opportunity that I am still floored over, but am graciously and humbly accepting. Guys, this is the kind of “good thing” that Martha Stewart only dreams of.

So I’m going to give you the short list of some things I will be doing over the next few months in anticipation of this huge opportunity. PLEASE HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE! Email me, call me, whatever you need to do. Just make sure you remind me of this huge blessing that has dropped in my lap, and remind me not to sit on my laurels.

1. I am going to get a fitness assessment at the YMCA. This is crazy scary for me, but they make you do running and sit-ups and measure your body fat in a public room and all that jazz. I promise you will hear the results shortly after I do. But I figure not only will this help me figure out what I need to do for some maximum results, but it will also show me how far I have come. If I am still breathing at the end of it. Which is just a theory at this point!

2. I am going to work on keeping my chin zit free. This has nothing to do with dieting, but I gotta tell you. After I bragged about things being chintastic, God gave me a slice of humble pie with the most monstrous double hitter zits possible on my loverly new chin. It was a set of those undergrounders that have their own heartbeats. That’s what I get for showing off. (Maybe I’ll see if I brag about how huge my waist is if that works in my favor!) Any suggestions at how to do that would be greatly appreciated. I already have some Preparation H on it this morning, and have been putting Germ-X on it. It stings like a mother scratcher, but at least it helps dry it up and minimizes scarring. Anyhoo, it would be nice not to have to photoshop out a huge thing on my chin.

3. Arms!!!! I am going to focus on how to get the arms to firm up. My legs are looking great (wait, did I learn nothing from the chin fiasco?) -let me rephrase. The legs are toning up as to be expected, but the arms are not getting the workout the legs are. So I am going to be focusing on those wiggly jiggly jello arms of mine and see what can be done. As long as I keep burning fat, I should be able to tone them eventually.

4. GROW OUT MY HAIR. This is a toughie for me, because I tend to start hacking away when it gets to an annoying length. However, I want the hair to grow as much as possible over the next 4 months (which is about how long I have) so I can take a good headshot.

5. Finally, April Showers Blog Design is going to be revamping the blog in the next couple of weeks, so watch for some changes. They will probably just be there one day, but I’m not sure when yet. But OSCBB is going to undergo a new transformation, and I can’t wait for the changes to get here! Poor April has been up to her eyeballs in bloggy design and a job and a marriage and trying to lose weight, so it’s taken longer than I’d hoped. But trust me, she is totally worth the wait, however long it is. I’m patient. If it takes me another year to lose this last 35 pounds, I can handle that. Cause I am going to have a totally tricked out blog to keep me amused and enthused, thanks to April!!!

And there you have it folks! A list of my dieting to-do’s for the next few months. I am still working on 100 miles in October, and am half way there at 50 miles so far. But walking group will have to wait for a week, because my darling husband has tech week for a show he is in. That means I am stuck home with kids. So I’ll have to hit the treadmill instead of walking with the girls. But I’ll walk. I can do this, and I need this. Just 50 more miles to go!!!

So- what would you like to accomplish over the next few months?


Shari said...

Zits on the chin is hormones.... unfortunately, I know this one from experience.

I'd like to chill out eating so much when I go out (I kinda overdid it on the mozzarella garlic bread at the pizzeria last night). I'd like to advance my career. I'd like to get my papers and office in order. We'll see....

Tami said...

few months? hmmmm... get back to the gym regularly (gotta fix the car so I have transport put fix the car on this list), lose 20 more pounds, publish a book (ok...finish writing the last 3 pages and then get it published), finish developing the fall 2010 product line, write 3 articles for our magazine, get daughter's wedding plans organized, and...develop a better sense of reality for my list of things to accomplish!

I am sooooo intrigued to hear about your big news!!! It's gonna bug me all day, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...until you spill the beans! How long will we have to wait???

Tracey The AVON Lady said...

I agree with the above comment, zits on the chin is hormones. But I have found that since I switched to mineral makeup vs. liquid foundation that my zip problem has practically disappeared. Do you wear liquid foundation? I happen to know where you can get mineral makeup (cough, cough).

Anyway, over the next few months I plan on shaping up as well. I am starting a boot camp tonight that will be one hour twice a week. I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow and the next day!

Can't wait to hear what your big announcement is!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

EEEEEEEKKKKKK for your big news! I haven't had a chance to fully take in your e-mail, but I got the jist and I'm PUMPED!!! Praise the Lord!!
And ix-nay that germx on your face, my friend. I know undergrounders are bad, but that is worse for it. Trust me. I've spent a goodly portion of my life at a dermatologist's office. :) Just becuase we have skin cancer in my fam, not any nose job or anything, but here's hoping!!

Unreasonable Grace said...

When you gonna tell us? Huh? Huh?
I don't like waiting.

my to-dos:
gym on a regular basis
refloor my bedroom
build out a new bedroom closet
tear the wall out between kitchen and living room and put in counter level bar

germx on a zit? haven't done that one yet.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Your news sounds exciting! Mysterious...but exciting! :) As for what I'd like to accomplish over the next few months, I'm not sure. I mean, of course I'd like to lose weight and get a new job and get caught up on my scrapbooking and actually be consistent with a quiet time. But will I really commit and get these things done? Remains to be seen...and prayed about...!

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Let's see- in the next 3 months...

learn to relax
learn to waste time
get my daily exercise in
keep myself from being a sucker for a new puppy

That's about it!

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