Monday, December 28

Shaky Ground

Yep. This is shaky ground I am on.

I was doing so good! Then Matt and I decided that one meal out at a restaurant wouldn’t hurt.

So I (being a diligent dieter) looked up the WW point values of Buffalo Wild Wings food I was planning to get. And I was mostly good.

Then Matt mentioned getting chocolate. FOR HIM. As if I was going to let HIM have all the fun!

That was the slippery slope I started on.

What was supposed to be a romantic dinner discussing characters for our upcoming show and our love life and all the things the kids usually interrupt if we try to discuss at home, became an all you can shove in your mouth 2 day buffet.

Complete with guilt.

I’m not beating myself up, per say, but I am feeling a little low about it. I was doing so good!

So what’s my answer to the problem of my weekend of overeating???


Yeah, a Shake Weight.

Maybe you have seen the infomercials about it late at night…maybe you have seen the Ellen spot on this incredulous invention.

All I know is everything I need, I can find at Walgreens. And that includes a shake weight.

So today, as soon as I finish working on the house, (which most likely means later tonight) I am going to pop in the 6 minute long DVD and give this shake weight a try. It seems easy, but as I often discover during the throws of a workout, I’m sure it won’t be. But I have got to do something about my flabby arms.

I am also not going to weigh myself until the morning of the 1st. Cause I don’t want to spend the last few days of 2009 being depressed that I blew it.

Nope, I want to enjoy these last 4 days looking at my accomplishments and being proud. Using the shake weight will help, but starting Friday we are back to working our butts off- full tilt and boogie.

I think we need to count down to the New Year! The year that we really change things for the better.

Who’s in???? What are you planning to do- your weight loss resolutions? Tell me, cause I am looking for ideas! ha


Danielle said...

We just got a Wii from my M-in-Law and I plan to use that... Seriously figure all this food stuff out and try and budget a gym membership. I can't do this on my own... But GOD! He is so ready for me to just hand it over.

All I can truly say to you, girl, is that even with your little slippery slopes, you are still an inspiration. Actually with those downed times, you make me know that it's real. No one is perfect at this and it takes time and just cause you mess up doesn't mean you give up!

I love ya!

Anonymous said...

Well, as I sit here in my work clothes that feel like they are getting tighter by the second (and being grouchy about it to my hubby this morning - like he had anything to do with it), I am determined to work out tonight, even if it's doing my walking dvd upstairs while supper bakes in the oven and hubby watches tv or trying out my new Wii Fit Plus "game" that I got for Christmas as said supper bakes or maybe just running up and down our stairs a few dozen times tonight. And, even though I'm not going to pay for it yet, keeping track of my food WW-style today. And avoiding the leftover Christmas "goodies" laying (lying?) around the office.
Maybe I should pull out my cute dress that every year I say I'm going to fit back into and try it on and hang it up on the door as a visual reminder. . . .


Shari said...

We joked that we were going to get this for a friend as a gag gift. I can't wait to hear if it works!

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