Friday, December 18

Tidbits, Teachers, Thorns, and Thoughts

It is Friday morning, at 5am. 172, which is better than 175 like I was earlier this week. Mother Nature came early yesterday. Hooray and BLEEEECH. I have officially been awake for an hour and a half, but that's ok. I have a crap load of things to do that I didn't finish last night.

Like teacher gifts. My sister in law, Tricky Nikki, guilted me into them yesterday while we "talk/shopped" at walmart. She was at home with her brood plus daycare kids, I was shopping at wallyworld, and we talked. It's about the easiest time for us to talk, plus I always mention what I'm looking at and she gives me her take on the product. It's extremely helpful to avoid cardboard-like diet foods. Cause Nikki knows her diet foods. Anyhoo, she talked so lovingly of getting gifts for the teachers and how much it meant to her when she was teaching... needless to say, the quickest way to get me into action is guilt. Even if you weren't trying to guilt me.

So instead of getting a prepackaged gift for each of the teachers, I thought I would do a little gift bag and a nice note with each bag. Which is taking me far longer than I had anticipated. I should have bit the bullet and bought a dozen gift cards or something. Granted, what I am doing is cheaper, but way more time consuming than I had hoped. I just hope it means something to the wonderful teachers my kids have. We got super lucky with this group!

I'm baking cinnamon rolls too. Well, the oven is preheating (frantically runs to the oven as she realizes she totally forgot to do that when she made her coffee...) NOW it's preheating! Today is the last day of school for the kids, so we can celebrate a little. They can celebrate, anyway. I'm sticking to my coffee and high fiber oatmeal. It's a party in my colon I suppose.

And it seems that Matt and I are both coming down with a cold. The kids have been battling it this week, but haven't been really sick, just- stuffy. Whatever it is, it's moving down into our throats. Which is highly irritating because I was just at the doctor's office yesterday. I will not go back again unless it turns into strep or something. So let's just hope that it goes away quickly and I don't become a crybaby whiny pants. (Who me? I NEVER act like that!!! haha)

Oh before I forget to share with you, one of my oldest and dearest friends Joy (no she's not old, we are the same age- we have just been friends a long long time...which reminds us we are getting old) sent me a wonderful surprise yesterday! I GOT FLOWERS!!! The kids were freaking out when I said "they aren't from daddy!" but they were relieved to hear they weren't from some secret admirer. They like our family just the way it is. Anyway, I thought I'd show you my beautiful gift!

It made my day, and reminded me that being there for one another is the most important thing we can do. Be strong, be courageous, be present! (Not give presents, but you can- if you feel so compelled. I won't turn them down!) I'm talking about letting others know that you are on their side. Which leads me quite beautifully into my final point.

OK, normally I don't bring stuff like this to the blog. But there are some serious prayer concerns, and these issues need some help from GOBS of people. I am going to put these out there, and if you consider yourself "in" with God, I would ask that you join me in lifting these issues up in prayer along with me.

1. My friend MaryBeth's husband lost his job yesterday. Yep. Right before Christmas. That is absolutely rotten, isn't it? Anyway, they are both handling it well, and seem to be at peace with the whole thing. But that is tough, no matter what angle you look at it. Did I mention they have 6 kids? Marybeth and Curt are troopers, that's for sure, but their situation is really burdening my heart. What can you and I do to be a blessing to them???

2. The Williams family. Oh, this is a tough one. In 2006, a little girl was killed by her mom's boyfriend- her death was caused by shaken baby syndrome. Little Reagan was 2 years old. Since then, her family has started a group called Reagan's Rescue and they are active in creating community awareness about shaken baby syndrome. We are friends with Reagan's grandparents (founders of Reagan's Rescue) and her father. Well, Monday afternoon is the sentencing for the man who took Reagan's life. And Matt and I have been asked to go. I still remember how tough the funeral was, how filled with rage I was at the events that had transpired. How grief stricken I was for this little one's family, and those who weren't able to protect her. I only hope that this sentencing will bring some sense of peace. Please pray for this incredible family as they face one of the hardest moments since Reagan's death. Lift them up close to heaven and let them know that we are there with them.

3. Our good friend, Cross. She needs prayer on Saturday morning. She is taking a court reporting test, and did I mention she NEEDS our prayers? This has not been easy for her, and she is ready to make the leap from legal secretary to court reporter so she can move on. But she has to pass this test. Pray that she knocks this test out of the park, and has total peace during her exam. Cross, you are one of my favorite people, and I know you will get it. I'm on your side, sister, and now- so are your bloggy comrades. You can do this!!! Lifting you up!

All right, I'll be back on Monday. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, and stay out of all those Christmas goodies as best you can. We are going to kick it into high gear after the first of the new year, but we don't have to make things worse than they already are, right???


Danielle said...

Hey girl! I know I've been way to slack lately with coming on and reading, and posting comments. I checked my blog the other day cause I was finally ready to post and realized it had been a month! Ack! I'm bad! But, alas, I am trying to get back on the horse and get things underway.

I've lifted those families up in prayer and God, as we know, will always answer. Praying for His perfect will for all of them.

Missed reading your wisdom and humor! Lova ya, girl!

Question... how do I get email notification when you've updated. I can't find it on your site. I'm losing it, I swear, cause you'll probably reply with an answer that's really

mommygogo said...

Praying for the families you've lifted up here, Charlie. As well as yours. Blessings to you this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm about ready to cry! I totally didn't even see this until just now (Monday 12/21 at 3:00pm!), but I'm so touched that you asked all of your bloggy friends to pray for me! While I don't think I passed all of the test, I think I passed one section, which is better than none, right? Right!
Plus, God must have allowed me to not sleep hardly at all Friday night, but it helped with my nerves, because I was too tired to care! I just wanted the test to be done and over with so I could catch some zz's in the car!
You know I'll keep you updated on the results! Love you, girl!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Praying peace for you and Reagan's family...

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