Tuesday, May 4

Pictures of days gone by

So I have been feeling very BLAH about the whole aspect of dieting lately. This has been my diet for the past 2 weeks.

I eat very well in the morning. Late lunch, then the kids come home from school. I buzz around for the next 6 hours- making dinner, helping with homework, running to rehearsals and baseball practices/games, and the kids finally go to bed. At which point, I want something filling, tasty and fast. That usually means I load up on unhealthy stuff right before bed time.

And I wonder why I am so frustrated with my scale! (ahem, 180 yesterday morning. Yep, I am back up again.)

My mom, Margaret the saint, knows I have been in a slump. And she shared something incredible with me.

“Maybe weighing 180 pounds at the moment isn’t so bad. Look how far you’ve come!”
And then, I saw these…

For the first time, I realized how far I have really come.

Sure, there are the weight loss pics that I have looked at all the time. I am kinda used to those shots. I am immune to them. But when I saw what was on Margaret the Saint’s camera, it took me completely off guard.

All of these shots are from fall of 2008. When I was at my heaviest. And I wasn’t weighing myself anymore. When I was so filled with shame about my weight that I didn’t care what I wore. Cause it wouldn’t make any difference to how I looked.

Maybe these pics are just the wake up call that I needed. Cause I have been in a slump that has lasted forever. At least it feels like it’s been forever. I need to stop whining about what I am NOT doing, and look at what I HAVE ALREADY DONE!

I don’t have much more to share, it’s been a heck of a week already. But I am going to look at these pictures again and again, realizing that this is completely doable. I’ve done it to the halfway point. Now I gotta get it in gear and work on the last half.

What inspires YOU to change?


megaptera1969 said...

Granted, I am early on my weight loss journey, just striving for the first 15 lb loss goal which should happen soon. I was utterly shocked and amazed to try on a very sexy dress that hasn't fit in years, and it fits - whoa - what an unexpected surprise. I have been a size 18+ for so long, I actually felt sexy in this size 16 dress. Seeing even such a small difference in these 14.6 lbs lost so far really is keeping me motivated to continue making healthy food choices.

I know I still need to work on getting more exercise, but for now, the weight is coming off by sticking to the weight watchers eating plan.

My motivation is that I don't want to see 160s on the scale ever again. I want to know what it feels like to wear a size 14 or smaller. I want a lower BMI so I am not at such a high risk for a heart attack at an early age. I want to feel better about myself. I want to accomplish this goal at a healthier life.

We don't eat out often, but when we do, we go to a popular seafood restaurant where healthy unfried choices abound. We see so many morbidly obese people, and I feel such pain to see the shape a large majority of our population is in these days.

Also, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was very eye opening about the foods schools serve to children. We all need a huge wake up call to make healthier choices each and every day. There are plenty of recipes for low-fat, low-sodium meals that actually taste so good.

One of the keys for me is all about planning. If I know I am going to have a late night, I plan ahead and eat healthy before I go out, or bring healthy snacks so I stay satiated until I can have that next meal. Snacking between meals (with healthy choices - fruit, raw nuts, etc) helps me from over eating when I do have that next meal.

If I go to the movies, I know the smell of popcorn will make me want some. So, I plan ahead and bring my own pre-popped 100 calorie bag of popcorn and bottle of water.

I feel so much better about myself making healthier food choices. I can't believe what I did to my body for so many years by eating fried foods, fast food meals, and far too much pizza. Now, I have learned I can make low-cal tasty pizza at home. So, I am not feeling deprived. I feel educated and empowered and finally on the right track for a healthier life.

Danielle said...

Even with your ups and downs... you still inspire me!

Missie said...

When I need motivation, I just look at old pictures to remind me of how far I come.

Krissa said...

wow...girl you look fantastic...yay to your mom for sending over some inspiration!!!! you are doing so so good!!!!!

Tami said...

glass is ALWAYS half full, and you should definitely be very satisfied with what you have accomplished so far!!!

Leslie Limon said...

Charlie, you look like a completely different person. Especially after looking at your potato chip pic on the sidebar. WOW! If that's not inspiration, I don't know what is! :)

I've got a current pic of me that I don't like and a nice pic of me from before I was married on my fridge to stop me from opening it and snacking on all kinds of horrible things. :)

Keep up the good work, Charlie!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I'm not sure what inspires me to change. Still looking for it, you know?

Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

You are an inspiration! I really enjoy reading your blog, it's one of the things that inspires me to change--knowing that there are so many other women out there in the exact same boat I'm in and who are experiencing the same ups and downs.

Thanks for posting!

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