Saturday, October 9

A Mad Walkin' Fool

So I have to tell you guys, not much is breaking on the weight loss front. I'm hanging on to my 179 (at least I still was this morning) and I'm doing my best to eat moderately. That's all I can do. I'm sick of thinking about dieting, so I'm no longer eating like I'm "on a diet." I'm eating until I'm satisfied, and stopping when I've had enough. Plus Mother Nature is pummeling me this weekend, so I couldn't give 2 hoots about being a success. I just want to get through the weekend without bouncing up too much.

However, I have been walking frequently, every night or every other night. And I have been hitting 6 and 7 miles consistently. Plus Todd and I are going to continue our 1 mile jog on Sunday and Wednesday nights. At the moment, while the kids are still on fall break, I have to do my walking when Matt comes home in the evenings. But once the kids go back on the 18th, I will be back in full force, going for workout overload.

Tonight, I am giving thanks for my oversized bottle of advil and my coke zero that's waiting for me in the fridge. Because tonight, after dinner, I went for a walk and it was rough. I could only eek out 5 miles tonight, but I carried my handweights for the first time in a long while. The 3 pounders. My arms feel like they are going to fall off. So I figured I better write this post before they do! It was a hard walk, but I did my best to keep my steps consistent with my music. I was also thankful for the slow songs... VERY THANKFUL! I'm sure I looked ridiculous mouthing the words to every song along Danville's busiest street on a Saturday night like a nerd, sweating my butt off. But I didn't care. I was working on me. People can laugh if they want. But if I keep doing this, they won't be laughing much longer!

I hope everyone is having and inspiring weekend, and working hard to achieve their dreams. Tell me, what are you doing this weekend to ???


Karla said...

I do my treadmil every day, just 20 minutes so you are a walking goddess to me ... lol... do you just carry the 3 pound weights? do you swing them around?? I ask because I am 50 and I have always heard that I need to start thinking about lifting small amounts of weights to help prevent bone loss, .... and I do NOT want to, but if I can just use small weight when I treadmill, hey I could do that!!!

Donna said...

I jogged 3 miles on Saturday; getting over shingles. How long does it take for you to walk 5 miles - it takes me almost 1 hour 20 min to jog it.

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