Thursday, October 28

The Weigh Things Go

I have had an interesting few days.
Tuesday, I was completely immobile, thanks to Bootcamp and my running spree. Seriously, the tops of my thighs were so tender it hurt to sit down and pee. So I took a rest day. Nothing major, just enjoying the sound of the wind howling and my Netflix subscription.
Wednesday is where things got wacky.
I was doing really well until 11am. I got a hankering. A BIG hankering. And I broke.
I broke so badly in fact, that I not only ordered Dominos breadbowl pasta, but I threw in an order of Cinnasticks. (I told you it was bad.) And I sat there and ate it all.
As I sat on my couch, drowning in misery, guilt, and icing from the Cinnasticks, I felt that old way of life creeping in- overeating, mourning on the couch and dealing with it the next day.
Instead, I decided I was going to do something about it.
So Wednesday night, I went to work out with McMuscles again. I didn’t have too much strength, but I gave it all I had. I also did 3 miles on the YMCA’s exercise bike. And I started feeling better about things.
Then I came home, hung out with the family for a while, and once the kids were off to bed I headed to my brother’s house. He was feeling under the weather, so my nephews came along with old aunt Charlie for a nighttime run.
Of course, those boys in the prime of teenagehood, could have run a mile in 6 minutes or so. I at least doubled their time. But after learning I could go farther than I thought thanks to Bootcamp, I got to the end of my mile and WANTED MORE.
So we ran about another half mile. It wasn’t easy, but I pushed through it. Cause that’s the new me. The me that understands eating Dominos isn’t the end of the world, or even mean I should give up for that day.  It only means that I have to exercise and burn off as many of the calories that I can.
This morning, as I nervously stepped on the scale I was pleased to find that I had actually lost weight!!!
And as I thought about the day ahead… water aerobics, another weight lifting session with McMuscles, and a day of “thoughtful eating” I realized that my body is burning calories differently. It’s like a fire that is burning hotter than it ever has before. That is nothing but good news for me.
I think this new weigh of life is suiting me. It suits me just fine.
So that’s the midweek update. I’m still pressing on, and doing my best to keep up with the crazy schedule of my new life.
What are you guys doing this week to change things in your bodies?


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm cheering you on as I sit in my "elephant" pants at home tonight ;)
As for me, not really doing much right now, but gearing up mentally for weight loss post-baby and when they tell me I can go to back to WW. :)


Roxie said...

I'm staring at some P90X discs and trying to talk myself into trying them :p

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