Thursday, November 12

Catching up...

I have to make this short and sweet, because I have a sick kid home with me. Again. So much for being over the flu…

Old business:

It came to my attention that in my “artificial unintelligent state” (that being my trashy bleached blonde hair) I totally forgot to announce the winner of the Sentsy Giveaway. Sigh. Sorry folks. I’m not super good at making big to-do’s unless I lost a pound or something. (172 and holding, FYI) And the winner is- drum roll please-

Rebecca!!! Also known as Cross.

Her name was drawn from a hat here at the Triple H (Happy Hester Headquarters), and I couldn’t be more pleased! She’s been with us from the beginning. Yep, the Yoga Incident was the thing that sealed our friendship forever. (Ok, possibly it was that I assisted at her ahhhhhmazing wedding with my SIL Julia, but the blog has definitely maintained the friendship.) Congrats Cross! Your stuff should be here shortly. I’ll even gift wrap it. Ok realistically it will be in a gift bag. But HOORAY!

Next order of business…folks, I have exactly $7 bucks in our joint savings account. The time has come for me to get a job. So I have found an opportunity that fits the bills. Most of them. I think. Starting next week, I’ve got to focus on that instead of blogging and facebooking first. Because I just couldn’t figure out a way to have that be a cash cow for me. If you know of some super top secret opportunity to get me enough for a down payment on a house, share it with me ASAP. I will still be around, but I may have to cut it down to a few posts less a week. I’ll still be faithfully yours, just from 8pm to 11pm. Does it suck? Yep. But am I ok with it? Amazingly I am.

Finally, in New Business... this weekend, in order to show off my turkey making skills, I will be making a “Turkey Tutorial.” In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will share with you my secrets of making a super easy super deelish bird that will impress even the grumpiest of mother in laws. (Mine is great, BTW. I lucked out on this one.) There will be a video. So prepare for it. I should have it up early next week. I am doing this because my friend Mary over at Giving Up On Perfect is having a bloggy carnival, talking about giving up on the perfect Thanksgiving. I am all about helping a sister out. Plus if people are raving about your moist yummy turkey, they won’t complain about the cobwebs on the ceiling corners. I know ALL the tricks.

OK, my little one needs her Mommy. I’m enjoying it before she discovers boys. Cause then, it’s curtains for Mom’s snuggle time. I’ll take it while I can.


Anonymous said...

YAY for me! :) You did an awesome job at my ahhhmazing wedding, btw, even if I was about to bow to the porcelain gods that day.
And I'm looking forward to hearing about your new job opportunity - now we can both gripe, I mean encourage each other in our day-to-day, thankful to have jobs :)

Danielle said...

Aw, another child sick. That stinks. I hope she feels better soon.

I will miss you on here! But, at least we aren't losing you all together. That would be an injustice.;-)

Praise Report: I am down 5lbs!! Whoohooo! PTL!

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