Monday, November 2

Note to Self...

Dear Charlie-

Yes, you are writing a letter to yourself today. This is a letter for you to read in a year.

Because if you could have written yourself a letter for beginning of this weight loss journey, standing where you are today, you would be so encouraged! I just know it!

So, I have to tell you a few things about the last leg of this diet, and why you are going to stick with it.

First of all, you are strong enough. I know that everybody teases you about being flakey, and never sticking with anything very long, especially diets-but this is a journey that you are going to walk with a quiet confidence and endurance. You have already conquered a whole year, and look at the changes you have made!

Can you believe the difference so far? And although you are over half way to your goal, the changes are only going to get better from here. (And ignore the fact that your hair was totally uncooperative last night so you threw a crappy ponytail in and gave up, even though it was sticking up and looks yucky.)

Remember that first day on the treadmill when you were huffing and puffing at walking 2 miles? And remember how proud you felt about that 2 miles? Well, sister, you kept going. You kept pushing the distance. And now you can walk 8 miles without cramps or falling over. What will you be saying in a year? Will you be able to walk 15 miles then??? Maybe. But all the flakey nature in you ceases when it comes to taking back your body. You have proven that even though it is one of the toughest things you have done, you are capable.

And remember how you could never imagine a life without 2 liters of Coke every day and Papa John’s Pizza? Now, a little over halfway to the finish line, you don’t even crave Diet Coke. You crave water! Your body has finally fallen into line with this “clean living” stuff and even though it took a while, you are on the right track. Because you have gone slowly, your body didn’t go into major shock, and you have discovered a diet you can deal with your entire life.

Today, weighing 172 and having lost 66 pounds to date- I want to encourage you to keep this up. Enjoy the feelings of accomplishment you have over the next year. Embrace putting on size 12 pants without worrying they won’t fit. Because they do fit. Nicely, and not too tight. The 10’s are still iffy and require a girdle. But you are no longer a slave to the plus side of Fashion Bug. For the first time in your life- settled in your 30’s- you are a JUNIOR.

I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next 6 months. The weight loss is going slower, but stick with it, junior. You survived the first year amid massive amounts of self doubt, frustrations, and a see-saw of emotions. And you never dreamed you would be sitting here today, breathing comfortable in your size 12 goal jeans, writing this letter. If I could go back in time, I’d show you where you were heading- the changes in your body, how you found yourself again and raised your voice above the crashing waves. You survived this first year, and you are going to make strides into unknown territory now. Push ahead, and never forget where you came from.

Because others are watching, waiting to see if you- the most obstinate person you have met to date- can do this. If she can walk ahead to her dreams and a new life. Your dreams are getting bigger as you are getting smaller. Pound by pound, the prison of your body is melting away.

And you are finally breaking free.

Loving God and loving yourself-


Unreasonable Grace said...

Wow, Charlie. Can you write a letter like that to me? I'm almost ready to fast for thirty days straight after reading your encouragement to yourself!
You HAVE done an incredible job. And you can wear those 12s, 10s and (very soon) 8s with a huge smile of satisfaction!!!!
You are an overcomer!

Danielle said...

Girl! How awesome are those pictures! It so gives me hope that one day...


Lindsey @ A New Life said...


You are amazing!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

You blow my mind. Thank you for the inspiration.

Lea said...



I have 10 lbs of baby weight yet to lose (never mind that the baby is 4!) and I keep getting so discouraged - up, down, up, up,down. *SIGH*

I am SO glad I found your blog! You are definately an inspiration - and you make me laugh and feel good that I'm not the only one who has totally crazy, stupid stuff happen to me! :)

Thanks for posting your bathing suit pics - that took bravery and I am WAY impressed with your progress!

Sweaty Hugs,

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Awe. Some. I love those pictures!! AMAZING!! Thanks for inspiring me this morning!!

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