Wednesday, November 4

The Girl and the Prison- A Fat Fairy Tail

Once upon a time there was a girl held captive. She was in a prison of her own mind, a dark lonely room with no sunshine or happiness. She was desperate to break free. Her cruel guard was a small, lying, conniving, evil metal box. It showed magical numbers that could elate her within this prison, or draw her deeper into the forgotten corners. This girl knew nothing else except that she wanted- NEEDED- to get out.

She had heard about others breaking free, but never had the courage to run for herself. It was too hard. The path wasn’t clear how far away her liberty would be, or how she could even find the way. She had encountered myths and legends about finding freedom: Grapefruits, 6 week body makeovers, some woman named Jenny (who charged lots and lots of gold for freedom), and even going on a hunger strike. All of these options might lead her away for a while, but she knew that eventually she would find herself right back in this same spot.

One day, when her prison became too much to wear…I mean bear... she decided that she would try something new. She would find her own wings, watch for the right time, and get out of this hell hole called obesity.

For the next year, she tried many different variations of the wings. Over time, and by a process of elimination, she discovered ways to lose the fat chains, get proper nutrition, and gained stamina instead of fat rolls. Her wings were finally starting to come together!

And that’s when something magical happened. A window appeared, looking out from the confined spaces of her mind. And as her wings grew stronger, the window started growing larger and larger, while she got healthier, happier, and smaller.

Pretty soon, she was ready to leave her prison for good (as she could finally fit out of the window that had appeared!).

But just as she was about to venture out for freedom, she noticed something quite peculiar.

She could see other girls, JUST LIKE HER, trying to jump to their own freedoms. And it was awful. The moment they jumped (head first), they thudded on the ground, and instantly appeared back in their own cells of confinement. Try as they might, they couldn’t break free.

And that was when this girl, ready to take off and never come back, made a decision that would change her life forever. If the wings she had fashioned worked, she would spend her life teaching others how to make a pair for themselves. She would talk to others about the fears of flying and jumping head first, and show them how they could do it. This was to be her mission. But first, it was time to test her wings.

Gathering every ounce of courage inside of her, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and jumped. And she started sinking. Down down down to her doom. And right as she thought that the wings had failed, the wind began to lift her up. Quickly she spread her wings open wide, and touched the sky for the first time in 20 years. Her heart raced and pounded! The blood rushed within her!

"This is what life should feel like!"

She twirled and dipped in the air, shrieking with joy! She glanced over her shoulder and saw others were watching her from their prisons. And with delight in her heart, she cried out into the sky…

“I am coming back for you! YOU WILL BE FREE!!!

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