Monday, November 30


So you may recall that a few weeks ago, I told you I had big news. Really big news. Life changing news.

Then I totally didn't tell you what it was.

Remember that???

Instead I posted the picture of me that woke me up and started me on this crazy journey.

Well, no more pictures instead of news. Today, I get to tell you.

Are you bursting with curiosity yet?

It turns out, about 8 months ago, I submitted an article to be considered for submission. To a real bonafide nationally subscribed to magazine. The Proverbs 31 Magazine.

And now, it turns out that you all may need to run to their site and get a subscription. Cause I'm gonna be in it!

YEP! The article I submitted is going to be published in March of next year! Which is HUGE!!! This is my first national publication. EVER. And I couldn't be more pleased that it is in the P31 Woman. Cause those girls at P31???

Freaking awesome. All of them.

Now, I'm spilling the beans that am I'm going to lie to myself. Perhaps that is a bit irrational, especially considering that I am getting published in a Christian women's magazine. But hear me out before you judge. There's a reason for my madness.

See, I have been looking for some motivation to really keep myself on my toes with the diet. Something to kick me in the seat of the diet pants. So, here's the lie I'm telling myself. Cause I already know that it isn't going to happen.

What if....(and stick with me here)... what if I worked on really losing weight because they will need someone for the cover of the issue? (Cause let's be real. Your old pal Charlie here is NOT magazine cover material.) However, if I keep that thought in the back of my head for the next 4 months, then maybe it will be just the motivation I have needed to get me down the next 15 pounds. And it might make me work extra hard. At this point, I am so desperate to finally hit the land of 160's that I will lie to myself all day long if I have to!

OK, I really need to go to bed, cause it's 2 in the morning, and I have been sewing show choir costumes for 4 days straight. That's another blog post for later this week. But I wanted you all to know that good things are still happening to those that chase their dreams.

So what are you chasing after today???


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Charlie!!! That's awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

Unreasonable Grace said...

SOOOOOOO proud for you, Charlie!!! I'll send you my copy so you can autograph it and send it back! Someday, I can sell it on E-Bay!
just kiddin'. I'll keep it for-eva!!

Autumn Mist said...

That's excellent news. I've had an article in a UK horse magazine this year, and was thrilled. There's nothing like it. You go, girl!

Danielle said...

OH MY! Girl, I am so proud of you! How awesome is this. I can't wait until next March so I can read it.

I already know it's going to be great!!

mommygogo said...

YOU. Are. Awesome! Praising God for His gifting you with your crazy-amazing ability to communicate! And so proud of you for listening to Him and getting down to His business! :)

Tami said...

So,so thrilled for you Charlie!! Can't wait to read it...and someday get an autographed copy!

And I just need to say one thing about that cover photo...YOU ARE COVER GIRL WORTHY! A heart that loves Jesus and a woman who seeks to serve Him... your cover photo would shine with HIS light.

But...I'm also cheering you on to reach your weight goal at the same you can boast of His power to get you there :-D

Theresa said...

OH MY WORD!!!! SOOOOO EXCITING!!! I'm so happy for you and so proud of you but let's face it, I knew you could do it a long time ago so I'm not totally surprised! You could totally be on the cover of the magazine and I don't think it's lying to yourself to be optimistic and hopeful! Plus even if you don't get the cover what if you get a picture with your article? Completely feasible and that should keep you on your diet track! I however am completely derailed and out of control but that is a post for another blog! Congrats again woman....You're amazing!

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