Wednesday, April 7

Hair's to being BRAVE

Dear random hair near my bellybutton-

Poor little guy! I think that you got lost! Normally I find boogers like you on my chin! It is pretty obvious you are slightly irritated about your location. I understand. My tummy is constantly dripping with sweat lately, and it’s no fun for me either! Especially because it doesn’t seem to be shrinking as quick as I would like it too. So we are going to have to work harder on the tummy. And you, my little lost friend, have GOT. TO. GO.

On the flip side, I want to thank you for not growing a huge zit around yourself as protection. That disguise doesn’t work with me, anyway. You have simply grown as yourself. Slightly out of place, but true to yourself.

I feel like that a lot in life. You know, I am the one person who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else. I used to be too young to be in the “in crowd.” Now I’m too old. I always feel too fat, (as fat chicks will do) but I hear people telling me how good I look. I don’t see it, near my belly button hair, and I think that you understand.

Cause sometimes it feels like I am standing out here on my own, looking totally out of place, in an area that I shouldn’t be growing. But honestly, I am THRIVING right here. Wanna know why?
Everytime I look around, I see other girls that are joining me. That are taking the plunge and coming with me on this journey.

It’s like other belly button hairs are popping up all over the place!

Realistically, I don’t want a furry belly button. So in practice, I have no choice but to pluck you out.

And sometimes I feel like the world does that to fat chicks too. We walk into a store, and some thinny salesperson says “We don’t carry YOUR size here.” PLUCK.

Or we go out to dinner and order something not so good for us and a diet coke (because it’s a splurge day), and the server smirks, thinking “lot of good that diet coke is going to do you.” PLUCK.

Or any time I turn on the television and see that I don’t look like any one on a sit com- just the documentaries. PLUCK.

In theory, little hair, I would keep you right where you are. I would nurture you and help you thrive. Because I am sick and tired of being the one who is out of place. I understand, hair, exactly how you feel. Really, if you had grown about 4 inches down, I wouldn’t have noticed you at all.

But you are brazen and wild, and are showing up on the vast white (and stretchmarky) canvas of my tummy. And you stand for something that impresses me.

You stand up for being yourself.

I have to pluck you, dear little hair, but know that everytime I look at my flabby belly from here on out, I will think of you, and remember that being brave isn’t always pretty. Not in the middle of what we are doing.

But when it’s all said and done, braveness is the most beautiful thing we could ever stand for. Even when it gets a little hairy.



Theresa said...

Good gravy that is a white stomach! :o) *heehee* Love you!!

I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...


That is the funniest thing I've read in awhile. A little gross, but funny nonetheless.


The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Theresa, you know that I am half Irish, half smurf. Pale comes with the lineage.

And jafg, I never promise to not be gross. lol (mostly because my life is one yucky thing after another!!)

But I am 99.9% sure I am the only person out there who is inspired by her own belly button hair!

Katie said...

My tummy is white too..and yes, I live in Florida...but I hate the sun. I burn...I don't tan, I burn. Therefore, I cover every inch of myself up when out in the sun.

You have hair,...I have stretch marks that look like a roadmap of the US..wanna trade? At least you can zap those badboys...mine...probably there for good unless I can convince the doctor that removing my stretch marks is beneficial for my health and wellbeing...and not for cosmetic reasons! LOL

Shamberly Coleman said...

Charlie ~
I can so relate to every word you have written (or typed ~ whatever :P ). I've fallen into the "plucked" category countless times in my life, but I'm w/ you (and your belly hair - in theory) and I'm rockin' it my style. And FYI, yes, braveness is beautiful, and regardless of what you think or how you feel at any given moment ~ whether you've met your goal, or are still in the middle of working toward it, you are beautiful too. Don't let any stray hairs, stretch marks, or a little extra belly flab convince you otherwise. I've spent too many years wasting my time on the depressing, disappointing, painfulness of what I'm not, rather than embracing what I am and saying, "so I'm not perfect. So I'm not a super model. So what? I'm me, and I'm going to choose to be happy and like me whether I am the way I am for the rest of my life, or whether I change for the better. Either way, I know I'm worth it." (PS All those little tweezer carrying pluckers can... :o) I'll be nice :o) ... can just go on their way w/out the opportunity to have a beautiful stray hair like me in their life!) As usual, thanks for your post ~ it was a great, funny reminder of who I am and what really matters :o)

Krissa said...

UMM....this made me cry...I can absolutely relate...gosh i have goosebumps...why cant i ever express my thoughts in that way...
thanks for posting this.... cuz...being brave is definitely not always gonna quote you on for it...
love you inspire me!!!!

theresa g said...

I don't find it gross, I find it honest :o) We all get stray, wild hairs...some on our tummies, some on our nips, some on our chinny-chin-chins, and some in places that mortify you when you find them, because they are loud and proud and public to everyone BUT YOU. (sigh)


Do salespeople ACTUALLY say that?

Danielle said...

LOL You tickle me.

Only thing I can really say is... at least you can see your belly button. I'd have to lift to get mine to

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Theresa G- YES, the do. Quite often, in fact. Mostly at places like hoity toity stores at the mall. Sears and Walmart NEVER say that, though.... ;)

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