Friday, April 16

You say potato, I say OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

It LOOKED like a good idea on paper.

Each of the Flab to Fab girls (known as the Flabulous 8) was supposed to hold something weighing 10 pounds over their heads for 10 minutes. Or longer. I chose 10 pounds of potatoes, and thought it was quite fitting as I battle French Fries on a regular basis.

I didn't make it to 10, and I can't announce how long I made it till we get the "official" video finished. But I can show you the highlights...


Now, the whole time I had been talking about this challenge, Matt seemed to think that it would be a cake walk. Something extremely easy. He also made some remark about how men have serious upperbody strength, and he could EASILY hit 10 minutes.

So, I put him to the test and stood by his side for moral support... and a little smack talk too. I was honestly hoping to best my previous time, but I didn't even come close.

I thought you would enjoy the footage from the second time around.



Untypically Jia said...

I feel your pain!

No wait . . . that's still my pain from doing this stupid challenge.

Julia said...

I love you and I love Matt, but I reaaaallly love you and Matt together!

Anonymous said...

First when did you move back to the diamond house? LOL crooked door made Jason and I think of that house. Also made us laugh to see you 2 doing this together. You are definately made for each other. Now we can give Matt more crap than normal. :p

I though you made it to 4 mins w/ children trying to make you laugh. That was my guess last night.

Tricky Nikki and Jason

megaptera1969 said...

Way to go Charlie and Matt - you make a great team. I think I will have to challenge myself to get up to holding something over my head for 10 mins. Would one 5-lb weight in each hand qualify? Actually, I think I will start with my 3-lb weights and work up to the heavier ones. Thank you for inspiring me!

Tami said...

I have a bag of potatoes in my pantry...but just not feeling the inspiration to give this a try. Does this make me a slacker?? Oh...and have you seen the new show Minute to Win IT? apparently you can go on line to get the instructions for all of the challenges and do them at home. I think you and Matt should soooooo do those and post the videos. I think it would be great entertainment :-D Ya'll are great together.

and I love Godspell!! You inspired me to go look for my old sound track and listen to it again! It was my first musical...I was the one that sang Turn Back Oh Man...

Danielle said...

You guys are just too cute! I could see Kevin and I doing something like that.

What type of camcorder do you have?

Miss Nessa said...

Gah, I would have to read this post at 5 am. It was fun and then of course I realize...10 pounds of seed potatoes is sitting over there on my review table.

So yes. at this unforsaken hour I lifted a tub o' taters over my head....

I lasted 2 minutes before I realized that I'm sleepy and all I need is for potatoes to go flying and break off all their buds.

Guess I have a new daily challenge - workin' this until I can do it for 10 min. Heh.

Good job!

Sushicookie said...

You have such a cute blog! :) And I dunno how long I could hold 10 pounds over my head either. lol.

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