Tuesday, April 20

Potatoes- Take 2, 4, 6 and Flabulous 8

I promise you I have a fantastic story about me, the tanning bed, and tape.

Honest, I do.

But it is 4:16am as I am typing this, and I have been up all night editing a video. And I have another one to go.

So the story will have to weight. I mean wait.

And on that subject, I am 178.8 at the moment (I KNOW. I kinda suck lately) and I battled a Dominos Bread Bowl Pasta tonight (technically last night) and lost.

I am going to head off to bed after I get the kids on the bus at 7, so another 3 hours to finish the second video. But I figured you would want to see what I have been working so hard on.

Remember the potato video? Here is the rest of the Flabulous 8 doing the same challenge. All the good parts, and the video comes right in at 6 minutes. Which is longer than I was able to hold the potatoes.

So enjoy, and on Wednesday, I will put everything right and fix it all. With duct tape.

Till then....

(and if you want to encourage any of these great gals, head over to the Flab to Fab contest website! I know they would love to hear from you!)


megaptera1969 said...

I still hope to try this challenge, but I am a wuss cause I haven't even gotten the weights out yet. And my cats would be having none of what April was up to.

So, Charlie, how many weight watchers points are in one of those Domino's bread bowl pastas anyway? Are they really worth it?

What kind of challenge can we present you with to help you with your food choices so you can get that scale dropping back down again?

I want to support you reaching your goals in any way I can!! I would send you hugs, but I know you still can't life those arms! :)

Julia said...

That Krissy is a MACHINE. She could be the next Jillian if she ever decides to go into the personal trainer business!

Anonymous said...

That was incredible!
Fantastic video, very inspiring, on all your parts, (except that Krissy,) and I loved getting the cats involved.

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