Thursday, August 26

Charlie knows Jack, another Charlie, and Meet up Thursday #2

So, we have made it to Thursday again. Whatta week!

Today is meet up day, where we meet new dieting bloggy neighbors and friends... and in my infinite bloggy amazingness, I have YET to get a cool graphic with the embed code on it for the event. Feel free to create and send me one if you understand that HTML crap that I usually pay someone else to do. HTML is lost on me. Kinda like jogging...

My weight? Hold on, gonna go strip and pee one more time (and praying that the late night attack on a box of Pizza Rolls didn't hurt me too bad...) 182.8 and it could have been worse. I was STARVING, and that sounded dee-lish. So I had a little. No harm done, and I'm not freaking out. I'll just work it off today.

Next, I want to tell you a little about a few things before we "meet up" with some stories.

I have been corresponding with a few new bloggers. And you need to go check them out. Cause they are the rare boys out there in the dieting bloggy world. And that is brave. We chicks kinda dominate this racket.

First of all, is Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit. If you haven't taken the time to check Jack out, and you have a sense of humor, then go look at the MASSIVE following this guy has. He's a big bloggy star. And his site, while often off color, is a riot! He's lost about 80, and that is something to sneeze at. Or nothing to sneeze at. I never got that turn of phrase anyway. So go check him out. He's a hoot!

Next is my new found kindred spirit, Charlie Hills at Back to the Fridge. Charlie found me a few weeks ago in the blogosphere, and it turns out he is an author of a few books. So I ordered one. And I read:

This book is so funny, I practically peed my pants more involuntarily than I usually do! Go to Lockshire and get it, because this man has got to eat. But don't pay too much for it, cause he doesn't need a lot- he's on a diet. All I have to say about the book is this: This is the book I wanted to write for you all but haven't done yet. Without the issues of Mother Nature, of course. Yeah, folks, it's good. Really really good. And his blog "Back to the Fridge" is great too!

Now, we are moving on to Meet Ups. Today, I have the stories of 3 more women. I have NONE for next week, so please feel free to send them in at and put "Meet up Thursday" in the subject line. Include a pic or 2, and use proper grammar so we all sound smart. If we can't be thin, we can be edge-u-mi-cated. Please check out their links and leave them comments of support and all the OSCBB love we share here!

And without further adieu, let's meet some new people!

ANGELA PEA - Keeping the Faith: SKINNY ME Edition (Angela Pea is on the right)

Back To School Night

I’m full of quirks, very opinionated, and I think that everyone should do things my way. Why? Because I am right 102% of the time, and have already thought through whatever it is that needs to be done, and I have already figured out the most efficient way to do it. And I know where the tools are, which is not in the toolbox where they belong.

I’m also very intelligent and well educated. I can carry on a decent conversation, speak comfortably in public, and can write a well-organized grammatically correct paper/article/technical paper without batting an eyelash. I design things, and when I drive around the Metroplex, I see things, BIG things, that I’ve had a hand in bringing to life. Convention Center? Yeah, that was me taking care of all the utilities and that spiffy courtyard with drivable pavers. Nature Center? Me again with the permeable pavement that directs rainwater to the planting areas. Airport? Uh, yeah. I’m responsible for two of those runways, as well as the FedX facility and the ginormous parking apron where your airplane sits in the wintertime for deicing.

So…why do I completely fall apart when faced with Back To School Night? Why am I totally freaked out, yelling at my dear husband on the phone when he calls to tell me that he has some sort of emergency at his office that involves classified information, congressmen and a bazillion dollars worth of fancy airplanes with guns and that I will have to wing it alone?? Why? Why does my otherwise confident and capable self just totally implode?

Because I had to go to Back To School Night and face those other mothers. The mothers who are skinny. The Moms who spend their days at the gym and the tennis court or lounging by the crystal pool in their back yard or at the country club. (Yeah, we still have them around here.) The pampered, adored wives with tans, sporting beautiful nail extensions, perfectly highlighted hair, spiffy clothes and who are driving luxury cars. These are the movers and the shakers, the ones who chair all of the committees, head up the fundraising and who prepare the teacher luncheons. These are women who have the luxury of being able to take care of themselves.

Jealous much? Just a little bit. But now I’m thinking. Why do I think taking care of myself is a luxury? Why do I think that being skinny and pretty equates to happiness? Why do I look at the world with lenses that only focus on the physical beauty and find myself inadequate? Why can’t I appreciate the amazing things I’ve done, the wonderful creation that I am? Because I’m a fool. Because this is a battle that I fight with myself every single day.

Most days I win (lots of prayer and armored with God’s Grace) but every now and then I don’t. Like on Back To School Night.

Angela emails me a lot, I email her back a lot, and I really appreciate her honesty and willingness to hold me accountable. I know I can count on my Angela Pea! She's GREAT!

Next up is Lauren at Life of LT!!!! (She's adorable!)

My story? Interesting you should ask. Because, well, it's been a roller coaster to say the least. My weight, like my life, goes up and down and twists and turns. I'm a classic case of having always been overweight and always, always struggled/struggling with it. And as a result I've always had self-esteem issues. All of the women in my family are overweight. All of us are emotional eaters. My mom used to joke about overeaters anonymous - I thought this was a fake group. Not so. It wasn't until my counselor suggested I attend a meeting that I realized these were real life people. Emotional eating is a real life problem. And for me, I literally eat for every emotion I feel! They follow the 12 steps of AA. However, I just didn't get much out of the meetings. It's like everything I've tried has failed. Well really, it's me that hasn't stuck to any program. And here I am, about to turn 27, and I have spent all of my twenties overweight. Isn't this supposed to be a fun part of my life?

And here's what I blame it on (over the course of the past 6 years):
Major, major financial problems.
Moving 6 times
The unexpected death of my mother
My grandfather's death a year later
Hubby's multiple job loss
Family drama
The demons in my head telling me I'm not good enough to be any better. Ok, now that just sounds like I need an exorcism. Just couldn't find a better way to put it!
I thought for sure that my self esteem issues would change once I became an adult, but frankly, it's only gotten worse. I find that I hate meeting new people for fear of what they would think of me because I'm overweight. This is soooo not my personality - I've always been a people person. But lately, there's just too much anxiety. My hubby is overweight too and I really get anxious when we go out together - like people are saying "look at that fat family", etc. I feel like my family judges me. My coworkers. My church. I feel like it makes me less marketable as a photographer. So, so many issues. And deep down I know about 85% of it is all in my head.
Why do I do this?
I constantly fight with myself on this.
Before we know it, I'll never leave the house.
And I desperately do not want to get to that point.

Steps to Freedom:

So lately, I've really been trying to re-organize my life to ensure that I pave the way for change. And a few major meltdowns later, I feel like I'm on the right track. I've found that cutting things out a little at a time seems to work the best so far. I'm a week and a half into a no sugar diet. I'm 3 days into no fried foods. And I don't really miss any of it. I'm also exercising - at a slow pace to start, but at least I'm moving! And in addition to all that, I am completely inspired by your blog and the relief that there is someone else out there struggling with my very same struggles.

There are so many things I want for this life. I feel trapped by my weight - like it's a ball and chain. It's time to loosen the chains and break free. It's time for a new tomorrow.

-- Lauren T

"I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High" ~Psalm 7:17

And finally, the woman who got me to give up Domino's bread bowl pastas (which was no small feat, and required serious tough love), the one and only:

LISA B. - no weight loss blog, but anyone who wants to follow my journey on FB can send a friend request with "OSCBB / WW" in the friend request message

I hit the big 4-0 in Dec 2009, and with my being vertically challenged at 5 feet and NO inches, I have been packing an extra 50-70+ lbs of weight over the healthy weight range for my height for almost my entire adult life.

I had a near fatal car accident in July 2008 which was life changing in itself, and hitting forty really made me realize, if I don't choose to make a change to get healthy now, I put myself at increased risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, higher health insurance premiums, and so much more.

My parents are in their 70s, go to the gym regularly, look like they are in their 50s, and are still out water skiing, snow skiing, and traveling the world. I want to feel and look that good when I am in my 70s, so what was I going to do to change my future?

I have NEVER had will power before, but I never felt a need to really change my life before. I felt fine with my body the way it was, as it had always been that way. I had done Weight Watchers for a time in my 20s or 30s, but I had never set or gotten to goal weight. I think the lowest I ever achieved was somewhere in the 150s.

The monthly pass program is such a better deal. Weight Watchers used to cost $15 a week just for weigh ins and weekly meetings which would be $780 a year. Now, they offer a $39.95 monthly pass, so for only $480 a year, I get the weekly weigh ins and meetings, and I get access to their online tools which allow me to track every bite I eat and drink and every minute of activity I get in a day. There is also a huge database of online recipes and community message boards and online challenges.

I really wasn't eating foods that were bad for me too often before starting Weight Watchers, but I was eating portions that were far too large. With the WW system of calculating points, it is so easy to know before a meal how many points I can eat and what the foods are worth in points so I know how much to consume in advance.

I used to enjoy an occasional Dairy Queen chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard when I was on road trips, but now that I am aware the CCCD blizzard is more points than I should eat in an entire day, I have zero desire to eat one. I find alternatives to satisfy my CCCD craving, such as the Weight Watchers cookie dough sundae cup which is only 3 points. I can handle that and fulfill my CCCD cravings.

I am still very bad about making and following a commitment for additional exercise, but so far, I have been losing just by watching and tracking every single bite. It feels so good, and while I am still not obsessed with my looks, I love being able to fit into clothes that used to be too tight.

My motivation and will power don't really falter because I know with each pound I lose, I am becoming healthier and reducing my risk for so many diseases. I never use the word DIET because that implies so many negatives: (1) a temporary change, (2) restriction from many foods, and (3) the possibility of putting the weight back on once "goal" is reached. This is a permanent lifestyle change for me.

I put all of my weight loss journey out for public consumption on Facebook to share my weekly weigh in results, my before measurements and pictures, and progress pictures along the way. I am highly motivated having the weekly accountability to my online network. People have cheered my losses and offered words of advice to get through the weeks where I have done everything right but still gained weight.

I am grateful for blogs like Charlie's where those of us on this journey can relate to the ups and downs of the commitment to making a life long change, and increase our support network to help us along the way. If you are on this path, congratulations for having the courage to make a positive change in your life! If you are still contemplating whether to start your journey, there is no time like the present. You can do it, and you are not alone. We are here to help you reach for your goals!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people that I have gotten to know. Want to be included in next week's edition of Meet Up Thursdays? Then send me your stories at 'cause we can't WAIT to meet you!!!!!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Just found your blog throught Charlie (the boy one). I read his book and just did a review on it last week too!

I have 2 blogs, the recipe one, which this will be linked to and my dieting one. So glad I found your blog, LOVE the picture with the chips in your hand. Chips are what got ME into this too!

Charlie Hills said...

Thanks for the review! And, as luck would have it, the book is out of stock at

Unfortunately, that's still in control of my ex-distributor. I've been trying to wrest back control of it for a while.

In the meantime, if you feel so inclined, you can buy it directly from me here:

Anonymous said...

Hi to both Charlie's!

Charlie is my brother, and I am the one who talked him into walking the Chicago marathon - just think - without me you wouldn't have that medal! :D

Going to check out your blog - and I agree with Debbi - love the one picture of you with chips in BOTH hands!

Roxie said...

I'd love to be a part of Meet Up Thursdays, but I have no idea what I'd even say!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

Hi Charlie! I'm Charlie (Back to the Fridge's) other sister! Nice to meet you and I'm glad you liked my brother's book, he's so funny!!

I can't wait to read more of your blog! Congrats on your weight loss so far, that's awesome!!!

Shrinking Mommy said...

just found your is great. I saw you are doing ww. I have their info and have got it to fit me....I have lost 80lbs and counting! Good luck...come stop by sometime!

Untypically Jia said...

Hey Mama Chica, I can't believe you read Jack too! I love his blog! Thanks for the new links and such.

I will totally be on your Meet Up after I lose weight LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie!

Wow...I was feeling a little blue last week when I wrote my blurb - it sounds so depressing. Now that I think of it, I WAS a little down last week,after the sress of back to school and dealing with sorting belongings and packing my first baby to leave for college.

And LT?! So happy to see her here - she IS adorable AND talented.

I missed my abs class with Buff Chad today because I returned to the office late after an all-morning-long meeting. He left the circuit set up for me - what a guy. I'm about to head downstairs and tackle my belly. Tonight will be BodyPump at the Y. YOU should try it! Seriously - so much fun, and I can just imagine you tossing that weight bar around.

Now for the daily checkup. Did you walk today? Run up and down the basement stairs? How long until the Y Pool is repaired and you get back into the water?

SWAK!! (Does anyone ever say that any more?)

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower of Jack's too. He is such a riot! I love reading him. :)

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