Tuesday, August 24

Products I Want... or think I want!

So here we are, and it’s Tuesday already. What have I done?

Watched my portions. (Save an incident with pecans yesterday afternoon)

Moved around a little.

Caught another mouse.

Took the kids swimming.

Chickened out of filming the expose, due to the immediate need to pluck my bellybutton. SIGH…

Gained 2 pounds. (REALLY?? REALLY!!!!)

Sometimes, I really hate dieting. Othertimes (when I actually lose weight) I like it.

So, watching the season finale pt. 1 of “Dance Your A$$ Off” I saw 2 things I want.

The official DYAO Exercise DVD.


Have you seen these little boogers yet? An arm band that basically tattles on you. It says how many calories you have burned, what you need to do to hit your goal, and probably tells the world if you cheated. I wonder if it beeps as you are lifting the oreo to your mouth? Anyway, I think I might need one of these. Just to be my Jimminy Cricket. Cause I can’t step on it to break it like I crush insects and my own goals. It’s too expensive.

Sometimes, I look at the products out there and just laugh. The shake weight (which I own), deal a meal, the ab glider, that ab shocking belt… then other times I look at the new technology out there and get excited. Things like the exerspy and BodyBugg.

Have any of you out there tried a great product that you love? (No diet pills, please.) Wanna share about it? I'm listening!


megaptera1969 said...

I have not tried these as they are not in my budget right now. However, I have seen bodybugg on the Biggest Loser TV show, researched it, and would be very interested in it if I won the lottery - which won't happen since I don't buy lottery tickets. Oh well... Would love to hear from people who have used it.

megaptera1969 said...

I forgot you also asked about products I have tried that I love. One problem I have is eating enough veggies which my brain still says I really don't enjoy eating, and even fresh fruit. I would pick raisins over grapes (which is not only less filling but also higher points) for the sheer simple fact that they stay in the pantry close to forever without spoiling. As much as I think I will eat fresh fruits, carrots, celery, they always seem to spoil in the fridge before I think about eating them.

A friend got the highly expensive Vita Mix blender/food processor/soup maker for Christmas, and she was raving about making fruit and veggie smoothies with it. Smoothies - hey that is sort of like an ice cream drink - sounds yummy to me.

I also hear so much about the health benefits of various "green" drinks. I think I first heard of these on October 22, 2007 when Dr. Oz interview Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Cancer for the Oprah Winfrey show. She also used a Vita Mix to blend green drinks and focus on raw foods to improve her health.


The Vita Mix was also out of my budget, but in November 2009, I saw Montel Williams in a live forum talking of his books and his battle with MS. He looks so healthy and happy, and he raved about how drinking fruits and veggies in their raw form helped improve his energy and his health.

He discussed the Vita Mix in his books, and readers would write him to say, great, but I can't afford a $500 blender. So, he developed a near identical model at a much lower cost: The Montel Williams Living Well Health Master. I bought this almost as soon as it was available to the public, and I love it.


It is a MONSTER - very tall and won't fit under the kitchen cabinet when fully assembled for blending, but it came with many recipes, and you can also use and find other recipes for the Vita Mix or the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer - they all will work in the Health Master.

I read some negative reviews about the Health Master, but I have used mine on many occasions, and so far, it works wonderfully. I can use fresh or frozen fruits and veggies, so I can worry less about spoiled items when I go with frozen.

When I bought the Health Master online , I was offered a low price on the Living Well Rotisserie, so I got it at the same time. We have enjoyed everything we have cooked in it so far, but we don't seem to use it as often as we should. We just need to get better about planning meals to cook in it. It is so easy to clean - just love that!


I highly recommend both items to help support your goals for eating healthy, and I would definitely buy both items again.

Justin Miller said...

Hey Charlie,
Congrats on all your success and your willingness to share with others. I have been using the bodybugg for almost 14 months now. I've lost 100 pounds even. I had lost 103 but then gained back three. I hate water weight. The bodybugg has proven to be the perfect tool for me so far. I was 365 at my heaviest recorded weight; 341 when I started using the bodybugg. And I'm 241 currently. What I love about the BB is that I'm able to see which exercises I do burn the most calories so that I don't waste time on exercises that don't maximize the burn. Also, the food log has been like a personal trainer for me, helping me learn to measure and count the cost of each food item I intake. One personal goal that has helped me stay focused is that in the almost 14 months that I've been using the BB I haven't had one day in the suplus. Meaning I've always burned more than I consumed. This personal commitment has helped me keep on track. I hope these comments are helpful. If you have any questions let me know. I'll close by saying that I would have paid $1000 for the BB if I knew it would have helped me the way it did. That being said, I know different people need different tools. This one was the perfect one for me.

Angela Pea said...

Hey Charlie!

Well, I made it to the Y, and did a 5K in 46 minutes...walking, not running. Whew!

My favorite products? First would be my professionally fitted running shoes. Huge investment, but worth every penny, as they fit perfectly and correct my rolling ankles. Highly recommend fitted running shoes for anyone who runs or walks, especially if they have problems with arthritis, tendonitis or other foot problems. Be prepared to fork over a C-Note or more.

Second is the Y, with BodyPump, Pilates, weight machines and Zumba all at my disposal. What I really love is the super fancy treadmill at the Y, the one with a built in television. I love those things, and want one at home, but the price is WAY out of my league. I make do with pavement and grassy areas at home.

Third is this super squishy thick exercise mat I found at Tar-jay. Those flimsy things they sell for yoga and pilates just don't do it for me. I want a little softness and padding under my hipbones while I do pilates, thank you.

Fourth is something I WISH I had. I want a sports bra that really supports, really stops the girls from bouncing up and giving me a black eye. I want one in MY SIZE, not some skinny bony A-cup number that's built into the lining of a tee shirt. And I want it to cost less than a nuclear submarine.

Great List, Charlie! Can't wait to read what your other readers recommend!

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