Monday, August 30

It ain't over till THIS GIRL SINGS!

(Taken yesterday at the lame-o Renaissance fair.)

If you, in the fall of 2008, had asked that girl...

“What are a few things you will never do, dieting wise?”

…she would have told you her laundry list.

“Attempt Yoga again.” (Did that)

“Walk 10 miles.” (Did that)

“Tell people my real weight.” (Did that)

“Show a picture of me at this weight in a swim suit.” (Did that)

“Do a low carb diet.” (Gonna do that.)


Yep. As much as I love my weight watchers, and have been successful with it for the first half of my journey, I am ready for a change. My body is ready for a change. And the low carb solution is exactly what I need.

Steak, hamburgers, real butter, olive oil, cheese, asparagus, eggs, big salads… I could live on these items anyway. And now, they are going to be the key to jumpstart my metabolism and lose weight.

To make things very clear, my public declaration of the evils of low carb come from an emotional stand. I had a very bad life situation at the time I tried this diet plan. I was worn out, pregnant, and in a bad relationship. And I had the low carb way of life shoved down my throat.

But: the Charlie I am today can handle it. Because THIS Charlie...

...Is arming herself with a do or diet attitude. This Charlie, who has braved the waters of weight loss for over a year and a half, is going to have eggs and bacon for breakfast without guilt. This girl is going to eat a hamburger without having a heart attack.

And this girl is going to make a music video about it. I did a demo run this weekend (when I was not warmed up, nor awake to capacity) and it was cracking me up. So this week I’m off to the studios to record (fully awake of course) and then off to shoot what I can only hope will be a video to rival Weird Al. We shall see. But here’s a sneak peek…

Finally, my high school buddy Shari is going to hook me up with the “Insanity” program. I’ve been toying with the idea for several months now, and decided it was now or never. If I want the most bang for my dieting buck, I need to start hitting this thing biggest loser style. Not working out 8 hours a day, but really pushing my body to its limits. I wanna find out what I am made of. Hopefully, it’s not moosh. I’m suspecting there’s a rockhard plus size supermodel in there somewhere, screaming to get out. But as the old saying goes, I was usually able to shut her up with cookies.

Well, no more.

So this means some big changes are in store for me. But as far as today goes, I am excited to go back to the old lady water aerobics class and get some exercise in. And my weight? I don’t know.

My back up scale weighs me at least a pound heavier than the usual scale. So I have boycotted the scale for this week. I’m just going to eat what I’m supposed to and work out like I’m supposed to. And we will see where I stand by the weekend. The suspense should be palpable.

What are YOU doing this week to get your diet kick started???


Stephanie said...

Good luck, Charlie! I believe everyone should do what works for them, no matter what the plan or program is, and if you feel this will work for you, then I'm behind you all the way. :)

The WholeFamDamily said...

woohoo! this being my hubby's 4th deployment of the year i've been stuffing my face since he left. not good. I have almost exactly 30 days before he gets back, SO I'm kinda going extreme myself. I'm gonna try going vegan for 30 days! WHAT?????????? At least 30 days, just to see, I always give up on everything, it's 30 days, cmon!!
So i'm going the opposite of you and basically eating fruits/veggies/whole grains=carbs. haha oh and I'm gonna exercise EVERYDAY for longer than usual.
I wanna push my body too!! I may just try that Insanity workout in a couple months myself.
You're beautiful and we're all on this journey together. Oh and a good motivator for me is the fact that my hubby has lost weight and gotten a six pack this last year and every time i talk to him he tells me his pants are getting looser. WTC? You ain't gonna be skinnier than me, boy!! I gotta up my game, and fast!! haha. Good luck to you, you can do it!!

Theresa said...

Weaning myself off of caffeine, starting the day with a healthy protein shake (packed with spirulina, wheat grass, fresh fruit, and other goodies), lots of cardio (15 miles/every other day, running or biking), pilates and yoga. I've got a few 5ks coming up (starting this Sunday), and my first 1/2 marathon in October.

Kendra said...

Kick starting my weight loss again is exactly what I've been working on. This last week was pretty much a failure on that front but I'm going to try again and again. This week I'm going to focus on exercise because I already eat really well.

toosexy4thisfat said...

Having succeeded and failed on every type of eating plan imaginable, I have also recommited to the low-carb lifestyle. I feel for me it is the most doable over the longterm. However, I still have a very long way to go. You are such a motivation! My physical activity dropped by the wayside a couple of weeks ago. My kickstart is to begin my Kettleball workouts again (started yesterday). I'm psyched! This is gonna be a great week!

I also love your sample ode to meat and cheese. What a great idea to sing and celebrate (and poke fun at ) what great stuff you get to eat on a low-carb diet!

cheryl said...

Ok -- I have my goal in sight -- and need to walk it off -- the hardest part of this whole diet thing for me ...and why? I used to walk -- and I LIKED what happened to that?

I keep plugging on weight watchers -- it has always worked for me -- and I know what to eat and what not to eat -- I just have to focus...(and walk!!!)

Leebird said...

I have lost lots of weight on low-carb, but I've always gained it back. But I'm no opera-hat-wielding, Insanity workout doing Charlie! :)

Vee said...

I tried low carb but find the meat kills my cholesterol level, and nuts/seeds have so many calories. I have a constant supply of fresh eggs and goat milk (from our critters), but I can only eat so many eggs before I get bored stiff!

I'm stuck because I know my body type would benefit from low carb.

Your thoughts?

Vee at

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