Monday, August 23

I'll leave the light on for ya'...

I won't deny the truth. The dieting switch has been off for a while. A PAINFULLY long time, as a matter of fact. Not hiding it, but certainly not enjoying talking about it.

And since it appears that I am not going to be a Hilton Hotel for a baby this month, I may as well diet. (I retook a test this morning. I had one last test to burn through, anyway. I was quite startled, in my first morning stupor, to hear it beep. I did not realize it was digital. I looked, and found I wasn't pregnant. However, my pee was a balmy 98.4 degrees...)

And thus, we start YET ANOTHER DAY ONE. But this time, I'm pulling out all the stops.

I'm not even kidding about that.

For starters, I got myself a new goal dress. I picked one that was void of Lycra, stretchy nylon, and the likes. I want no mercy. The last dress I got was a cute skull dress. And it stretched. It wasn't pretty, but it fit. THIS TIME, I got something fitted and tiny. In a size 10. I would have gone smaller, but I have to stuff my blessings in a cup somewhere. And size 6 dresses are not created with the saggy boobed slightly middle aged woman in mind. So I figured a 10 would keep me plenty occupied for the time being.

Next, tonight I am filming an expose on my actual body. No nudity, as I still have a shred of modesty and a few brain cells left. But I need to grasp what my body is. I need to see what I have to work on. (The obvious being tummy, arms, waist) But the truth is, I have no idea what they actually look like. My mirror lies to me. (The scale does not.) I am not going to do this out of poor self body image. It is only out of poor self image. Because I know what I can do if I set my mind to it. And while pictures are shockingly truthful a lot of times, a video- that captures jiggles and wiggles and flops- that should trip my trigger. And FAST. I might even attempt to put on the goal dress. It will make it that much more dramatic when it fits! (Shooting for Christmas)

Hanging around at 180, which is pretty good. I am aching to see 179 again. Then I will only be 10 pounds away from all I have gained over the last year. Funny how it takes forever to lose and no time at all to put back on!

Finally, I had a fruit fiesta at the produce section of Meijers. I happened to be in another town today, and got some of the fruits I love that our local stores don't carry. I am bound and determined to stay "clean" this week. And I'm going to do it one day at a time. One bite at a time. I'll be blogging every day this week, just for the accountability, since the YMCA pool is out of commission, and there will be no water aerobics. However, I have a crapton of exercise videos to keep me busy, a treadmill (somewhere under clothes mountain), and a washer and dryer that are one flight below me as we speak. I can bust through some calories just staying home. Or having a nervous breakdown about the upcoming expose tonight. Fear makes me sweat, and sweat is classified as working out. (In my book anyway!)

So there's the scoop. I am manually flipping my diet switch. I'm going to push it until it clicks, and I get the final leg of my journey done. I will do everything in my blogging power to help your switch flip too. Cause I don't like doing things alone. I have dieting codependency.

What things have flipped your switch? What do you think it WOULD take to get you motivated again?


Brittany said...

I've never thought about buying something to fit into! I think I'm gonna be all over that one. As soon as my hubby goes back to work (Injured and had surgery), I'm gonna get that goal dress (although I HATE to wear a dress, so it might be something else very fitted) and have my goal. Great idea!

Sushicookie said...

Hey babe, you inspire me!


Ginger said...

i was thinking of getting a hot bikini as my goal outfit but even then i dont think i would wear it hahahahaha

good for you for getting that switch turned back on. keep on fighting the good fight

Roxie said...

I'm close to flipping my switch. I'll be ready when we get back from Alaska. Until then I'm gonna stress and keep myself from just stuffing my face period!

You can do this. I will do it with you. Codependency can be beneficial, in dieting!

Jessica | A Blog to Brag About said...

Hey Charlie, congrats on buying a new goal dress! When I lost weight in the past, I bought pants a size down each time I needed to. Now I've got jeans ranging from size 16 to size 12 (and they're a small size 12, mind you). I'm determined to get back into them!

Just curious, what is your goal weight? I'm sure it's posted somewhere on your blog, but I couldn't find it.

Missie said...

Wanted to let you know that my blog name and address has changed.

Angela Pea said...

Hey Charlie!

I'm in! My switch actually got flipped a few months ago, so now I'm looking for some duct tape to hold it there permanently.

I had a not so great weekend for counting points. We moved our oldest child to college, and the entire happy/sad/stressful weekend was full of some not so healthy food choices. Like Chicken Marsala. WITH pasta. And bread. And a piece of birthday cake. (but no batter!) I did manage to pull together a semblance of control and I did NOT eat icecream. Ooooh, I wanted it, though!

We're getting a COLD FRONT, so the temperature may actually drop down into the 90's this week. *snort* If the predicted 75 degree mornings actually work out, I'm out the door at 5:30 am tomorrow for my 3K power walk. If we stay somewhere between broil and sizzle, I'll be at the Y. Abs class today with Buff Chad.

I'm checking up on you later! Want to hear all about the exercise you got today. Anything that makes you sweat? It's exercise in my book.

Leebird said...

I hurt all over. That's partly a flipped switch and partly a hinderance. I exercised on Monday...just a low impact 30-minute walking workout. And you'd think I ran a marathon! My left knee is killing me as is my lower back. I can't figure out if I should just push through the pain in my knee or if I actually have an injury that I'll just make worse.

I hobbled all around my school today, and when the time came to put on the tennis shoes to do the walking workout, I just couldn't do it. I came home and laid down for an hour and felt some better, but then I had dishes to wash and homework to supervise.

I feel somewhat discouraged about the weight loss thing. I appreciate your encouragement friend!

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