Thursday, March 10

The 300th post- Looking for WORTH


Morgan said...

Wow. I have spent the better part of the last hour thinking about how much of my worth I put into how my body looks, and how the way I feel about said body changes my mood and how I see myself so very drastically. Then I walked in here and read your post, and it feels like something of an answer. I spend zero time trying to dress up what I am on the inside - I let it fester and sit until it smells and would turn away even the rats. And yet I expect my outside to somehow become sparkly clean and beautiful and in no way reflect what and who I am inside. That is not going to work (hasn't for a long time - like ever.) Time to do some hygiene-type work on my emotional self.

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

I definitely get the idea that we're as pretty as we feel. And sometimes, damnit, we just don't feel like doing pretty.

I think the key is to realize that even those whom we think are pretty all the time have their no-bra-no-makeup-greasy-hair-in-ponytail moments. When we're sick. When we're tired. When we just don't give a damn. No one is pretty 24/7 and in real life it's just not realistic.

Anyway, here's the thing. I my eyes, you are worthy because you're funny, you're honest, and you're talented. And you're probably sitting there, reading this comment, and thinking, "what? But I didn't really DO anything."

And THAT, my dear, is the secret. What comes easily and natural to you? Your wit, your honesty, your talent...your YOU-NESS? It's valuable to others.

We're taught (well, at least I was) that we can't be valuable unless it's hard and painful and a struggle. And that's just not true.

FatAngryBlog said...

I've been trying to beautify my outside to reflect my happier and more positive state of mind.

The more depressed I got, the fatter I got.

Now I'm going the other way... happier, healthier, thinner.

And I think I care more about myself now.

Jessica | The Pixelista said...

That is so true! But I also think you can never feel truly successful unshowered in a pair of sweatpants. Our bodies are a gift from God, and I guarantee you will feel the most-self worth when you are clean and well-kempt!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Karen. Your worth is in your wit, your honesty and your amazing outlook on life. The rest of the stuff - bangs or not, makeup, clothes - is just frosting on the cake.

Carli said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I would love your feedback on my new blog "The Diary of Penelope Poundage"

Laura (wonderwife!) said...

Fantastic post! And I just love the concept of the emotional sparkle shoes ;)

MrsFatass said...

I guess I just think that the outside very often mirrors the inside, for me anyway. I don't think the outside appearance comes FIRST, if that makes any sense.

That said, all those years I spent as an actress and a dancer were tough, because as you know, a big part of a casting is how you look. Oy.

Great post. And happy 300!

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