Tuesday, March 8

One good stomach flu...

In exactly 5 pounds, I will be the thinnest I have ever been as an adult. Right now, I'm at 167.1, and the least I've ever weighed in at is 162 for 2 days.  That means I'm one thing.

(Picture sent to me by Daphne T.)
And living in the Hester House of Hurling, I am in an optimal position to change my life forever.

OK, seriously, I don't condone hurling your way to the top. But if the flu hits me, I'm going to take full advantage of it.

Last night, when I was at the Kmarts (on shopping trip number 2 in 2 hours cause I keep forgetting stuff) I thought the flu had finally hit me from behind.

As I was sitting in the public restroom, checking my email while stuck on the can, I felt really bad for the lady who walked in, smelled the air, and promptly walked out, telling her child "We are going to the other bathroom."

"But Mommy, I really gotta go!"

"Not in there, you don't."

Fantastic. Then I was giggling and pooing. It was not pretty, but it was pretty funny.

This morning, I had Matt get the kids ready for school. Part of the deal for me to stay at home is I get the kids ready for school every day. Unless I'm sick. And today, I was thankful for a man who jumped out of bed on my behalf and found matching socks at 6 in the morning. I'm super lucky to have a fellow like him.

I slept until 11:30 today. It felt great. But I still need to shower and stuff. My tummy is better, but I'm not hungry at all. A cup of coffee seems to be just enough today.

Now, I'm on a mission to scrub the germs out of my house. I've already started tackling the kitchen, scrubbing anything I can reach. And I'm going to keep going. 3 rounds of flu since November 1 person at a time has added up to far too many puke buckets to scrub out. I've had enough.

Have all of you struggled with the flu this winter? Stuff that keeps coming back? What are you doing to clear your house of the germs? I'm looking for ideas.


Jennifer Kay said...

I don't know what the hell happened this winter but we all had the stomach flu, chest colds, strep throat...I think all five of us were down for a month. Never have I ever experienced sickness like I did this year...

I think it's just time to open up the windows! Come on spring.

UK Yankee said...

Not the flu, but last fall hubby & I were both coming down with bad colds, one right after the other. I started opening the windows more, scrubbing the dishes more furiously in hotter water, and every night I took a Clorox wipe around to all the switches and taps and doorknobs, cabinet knobs, closet handles, etc., in the house. I also installed anti-bac soap in both bathrooms. Oh, and I forced those effervescent Vitamin C tablets in water on myself and my dearest. Somehow, one or all of these seemed to work cause we've been fine since!

Angela Pea said...

Yes. The Pea Family has been sick on and off all winter long, just this lingering, miserable respiratory virus.

I'm ready for spring!

Not that I'd wish the flu on you, but, well, if it works....

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