Tuesday, August 18

#1 Stepping out and Shaking it up

Remember- the camera adds 50 pounds. ;)


Danielle said...

Floating along... girl! That is me. I seriously had tears in my eyes as I listened to you just now. I wasn't literally crying, but my eyes were wet, ya know. I have to honestly say... you amaze me! Putting yourself out there like this-- it makes me want to challenge myself and do better, too.

I am here to encourage you and tell you that you are doing great... fantastic actually. You are going to succeed. You are! I'm glad I get to be a part of watching this transformation.

Oh, beautiful butterfly!

Do you own an exercise ball? The big ones? If you do, how about doinng a 1-3 minute video doing exercises on there? You don't have to do it right away, but work up to doing it.

If you've never really done it before, you can go to SparkPeople.com and you can watch videos on there. Take some of the things Coach Jennifer or whoever she is and adapt it to fit you.

Sister, I seriously love you!

Zoe Elmore said...

Hey Charlie,
Thanks for your realness and open-ness to share your heart on your video . You are a better woman than me Thanks for your "Guest Ready" suggestions on my blog. Even thought I don't eat 90% of the things I prepare for our guests it is a great idea to have some yummy treats to pop into the oven.
Keep me posted on your amazing journey.

Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING! I love the idea of you making mini videos....a pointer....or suggestion.....adjust the camera so your chin isn't cutting out of the screen...... :)

I have also been trying to watch my weight....analyzing what I put into my mouth...and why.....*sigh* I think it would be awesome if you had a large exercise ball and did a few minutes video....OR.....I would love to see you do the yoga video....of course I am giggling now....thinking of when you passed gas.....I am a "stinker" by nature....I pass "dairy air" frequently when I put pressure on the belly. My kids and most their friends just know....I make noises.

So....I would like you to know....you are an encouragement to lots of people out there in cyberspace! (including me) I am cheering you on loudly! Go....... Charlie!

Nichole said...

I don't have any ideas as of now but I just wanted to tell you how brave I think you are! I should have sat down to read this BEFORE I decided to make rice crispy treats for my husband. He's at work and *somehow* a whole row of treats has disappeared. Thinking I'll be lucky if I still have the 7 pounds off when I weigh in this weekend!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

The chin cutting out of the screen was both a blessing and a curse. ;) As I get more familiar with the video camera function on our digital camera, I'm sure this will all be more polished. For now, I am going to use the roughness to my advantage!!!
Hope you all enjoy the upcoming videos!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I also have about 100 lbs to get off. I've started .. the hard part and I'm now down 30 lbs. I found myself in a lull last week and now I'm back on it again. SOmetimes we just need a little breather...but I'm back on - not all bad since I feel like my loose flab needs to catch up with me. I decided to try a new veg each week - look up recipes on line or in weight watcher books - keep it simple. Also, I'm adding new exercise - any kind of change, like increasing pace, or adding elevation to walks, riding bike, dancing in the living room, going up and down steps more often, etc. Anything for a change. You go girl - we're all cheering for you (shake those pom poms! :) AND get those cookies out of the house - the SMELL alone is a killer! :)

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