Sunday, August 23

Couch to 5K

So I needed a challenge. And a challenge I’ve got.

Me- running- 3 miles straight- in a mere 10 weeks.

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

We will see.

I had heard about the “Couch to 5K” program from several friends when I began the diet, but have been hesitant to try it up to this point. It’s a program that has you running intervals and walking in between in order to build up your endurance.
But running has never been my thing.

I joined track in 7th grade for a whopping 5 days, and ended up with shin splints. One time I ran 2 blocks to rescue a baby that had wandered out into the street. I couldn’t catch my breath for an hour. When I got my treadmill last February, I tried to run for 5 minutes at a time. My knees were killing me when I was done.

Nope, running has never been my friend. Not only from the physical aspect, but emotionally as well. What is my motivation to run? What do I have to run from or towards? Is there anything running can give me that aerobics or Fat Girl Yoga can’t?

I don’t know, but I am willing to find out. 10 weeks isn’t all that long. Just over 2 months. And I can do anything for 2 months. If nothing else, it will make me work harder on the diet, because I am going to be really irritated if I eat poorly and undo all the benefits that running could give me, in a burning calories sort of way.

The “Couch to 5K” plan is simple. It’s laid out on and it’s only 3 times a week. So I am going to work the plan on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Feel free to join me and see if the plan works! Personally, I can’t imagine that I could ever run for 3 miles without my lungs exploding or my calves falling off, but I am willing to try!

I am also going to beef up the yoga this week. I have ordered several new DVDs that should be arriving this week, and they are more intense than the Fat Girl Yoga I hold so dear. You all may get another “Yoga Incident” post. That remains to be seen. But until then, with my heart geared toward running and my duct tape covered chest shining, I am going to give this new plan a whirl.

(By the way, with this video, Matt and I stuck to the plan of no script. He had 3 questions he had to ask me, and was forced to make up the rest. He had no idea how I would answer. I, in turn, had no idea what he would say except for those 3 questions. We caught each other off guard pretty often, as you can tell. We also caught our camera guys off guard, and you will notice that the camera shakes often from our nephews trying to control their laughter. We didn’t really tell them what the video was about, we just went for it. Poor guys. Good thing this family has a wonderful sense of humor!)

Running to the finish line-



Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Bwhaaa haaa haaa!!! This is awesome!
I love the video! And I am so excited for you! I lost 40 pounds about 3 years ago (have we even talked about this??) and did it with eating right and exercising (of course) and my poison (excercise) of choice is running. And I love it. It even sounds weird to say, but I do.
I finished a 10 K on Memorial Day and think I might just sign up for another on Labor Day- just for you!
You can do it!!
Oh- and seriously, those shoes are your anti-shin splint. They make all the difference in the world.

Tracey said...

OMG, that video is hilarious. It is so cool that you have your family involved as well. Is that duct tape? I guess you can use it for everything LOL!!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Scary thing is, the duct tape really was effective! I've used it in shows before (when there was a lot of dancing and cartwheels and such and the girls needed to remain hidden from the eyes of the public) but never considered it for running. Until now...

Danielle said...

Oh, my goodness! I tried not to laugh... well... well because, I don't use language like that. And I'm not trying to be like, oooh, bad people. It was mild, I know. Please don't feel like I am judging you, because I'm not! Anyway... I look forward to hearing how your program is going. I may step out in faith soon and try this myself! Girl, you sure do motivate!!

Go Charlie!!!

P.S. I took a picture of a mutual friend yesterday. I'm hoping to have a post up about him some time today. He was SO beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOVE IT! At one point there, Matt reminded me of Tim Conway, they way he was standing next to you, yelling at you. Great laugh!
(ok, I know you're much younger than me, but please don't ask "who's Tim Conway?")

ditto805 said...

OMG I laughed so hard... WONDERFUL!!!! Good luck on the run. I'm going to check out that site because I can't seem to run without pain myself. And the duct Tape!!!!!!!! love it! ~Jena

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