Thursday, November 4

How to Run 3 Miles in 50 Easy Steps


Michele @ Healthy Cultivations said...

Hi. I just discovered your blog today. I like it, and I'll be back to visit often.

Anonymous said...

This was super hilarious. Thanks for posting. If you really struggle so much with sports bras I would suggest you try an Enell Sports Bra. They are on sale now at: . These bras are super supportive, hook in the front so you don't have to pull them over your head, and they eliminate the bounce so you only need to wear one sports bra instead of two or three. Try It!!! :)

Angela Pea said...

Oh Charlie! You are a Dear!

The anonymous person ahead of me suggested an Enell bra. Even though I don't endorse anonymous people trying to sneak links to their stores into someone else's blog, I'm going to SECOND THAT!!

I just bought myself one this week and I think I've finally found the perfect sport bra. Absolutely NO BOUNCE, even for us "generously proportioned" gals. No Straps! It's really a sort of vest-bra, and it fastens up the front. Be prepared for sticker shock. ($69 with tax) It's worth every penny. You need to find a local store and try them on before buying. The online sizing is pretty close, but you may have to go up or down a size to accomodate body shape and personal boob compressibility. I went down a size to get the no bounce fit.

I made it to Body Pump class at the Y yesterday, and have a four mile brisk walk planned at lunchtime today.

Keep up the good work, my friend!

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