Friday, November 12

McMuscles and the Groupies


Roz said...

Hi Charlie,
Found your blog from a link off Jack's site. LOVE IT! I'll be bookmarking and visiting regularly! Keep up the great work and the great writing!

Anonymous said...

I am doing good this morning...arms a little achy, but that means it's working...Yay!! Or it could be the flu shot went to both arms and traps? ;) I had a great time w/your routine.

Tricky Nikki

The WholeFamDamily said...

ahaha, sadly my mind is always in the gutter, and i have a quick tongue, so ya..i would've been right there with ya! working out with a buddy is ALWAYS more fun, and pushing each other is only going to improve results! wish i lived closer, i'd totally work out with you guys!

Ginger said...

holy poop story, are you kidding me lmao that is freaking hilarious not to mention the jealousy that you even have a mcmuscles to work out with. yowza workout buddies rock the house!!

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