Monday, February 22

Hey there, Lazybones!!!

So it’s pretty difficult to get back in the swing of things lately.

Because in order to swing, one of 2 things must happen. Someone has to push you, or you have to start pumping your own legs. Legs I can do. It’s the rest of me that has trouble with exercise!

The past few days I have been considering what exactly it is that I want to accomplish. I want to lose weight. I want to be healthier.

But more importantly, I want to finish what I have started.

This is coming from the Queen of unfinished business. I don’t finish much. I have a chore chart made for each of the kids, and I don’t enforce it daily, much to Matt's chagrin. I have several books/plays/musicals started, waiting for me to write more than just the titles and a few rough ideas. And they are sitting on my computer. Doing nothing.

One of the greatest things I struggle with is laziness. I don’t mind telling you a bit. I am not the person in the “office” who does the day to day mundane tasks. I am the big idea person. I have no idea how to accomplish these visions of greatness, I only know they are possible.

Last year, when I lost the first bulk of weight (pun intended) I was fueled by the hot fires of desperation. I NEEDED to lose the weight. But now, with a large part of it gone, I struggle with the idea that I look like the average woman. A little jiggly around the middle, but not too overweight anymore. I mean, I KNOW THE TRUTH. That I still struggle with being a fat chick deep down inside.

Cause here’s the thing. All the affirmations in the world can’t convince me that I’ve changed or that I have done “enough.” Other people can compliment me till they are blue in the face. They can show me the proof that things are different. I can even show you pictures like the bikini shots below next to the pics of where I started. I LOOK at the changes. But I don’t see the changes. Because deep inside my being, I still crave horrible foods. I still choose apathy.
And that is a mortal sin. (I think. Mortal sins aren’t actually in the Bible. They came along 400 years later or so… I am such a nerd)

Breaking the bonds of apathy and laziness are one of the hardest things to do. If you struggle with sexual temptation, you can isolate yourself and do nothing. If you are struggling with lying, you can say nothing. If you are struggling with laziness, and you do nothing, then you are only hurting yourself. It’s a quandary for sure.

So- in order to do things correctly, I am going to give you a list of my daily to do’s. Goals I am going to shoot for. Things that are important to me. Not so much because they are helpful to the diet, but because they are going to help me unlazy myself. I can’t think of a better way to get out of this rut of doing NOTHING.

(Now, I will say that post show blues hit me pretty hard last week. Matt and I worked for months on Talley’s Folly, and last week, after the kids went to bed- we didn’t have lines to run or characters to build. That threw me for a bit of a loop. So I am not apologizing for taking it slow and needing some time. I had to have closure. However, I cannot stay on the mountain top forever. I have to move back down into the valley and start climbing the next mountain. That’s just the way life is!)

Now, here are a few of the daily goals I want to accomplish.

1. No coffee after 2pm. I was doing great on this for a long time, but now I have gotten back in the habit of drinking it all day long and not drinking water. Which is bad bad BAD!

2. Drink more water. At least a half gallon a day.

3. FOLD MY LAUNDRY. Seriously, it’s all sitting on the loveseat right now. I’ve been meaning to do it for a week, but it’s so easy just to dig thru the pile and find what you need. Except socks. They get lost on the loveseat.

4. Take a vitamin. (just did that, so CHECK!)

5. Make 3 healthy choices about food. That could mean opting for an orange instead of a Weight Watchers approved ice cream treat, or eating a salad with not too many goodies on it or even chosing to have the dressing on the side. My friend Melissa does hash marks. She gives herself a mark everytime she choses something healthy over a poor choice. I like that. I could rack up a bunch of hash marks by the end of the day!

6. Find my treadmill under the laundry that is spilling over from the loveseat.

7. Take weights tonight to walking group.

8. Go to walking group early and get in few more laps. (That one remains to be seen. Depends on the house schedule with the munchkins.

9. Do something wonderful and unexpected for Matt.

10. Write one encouraging email complete with scriptures.

So there’s the plan. No time for napping or “poor me’s” today. Just a woman on a mission to get herself active again. What do you guys do to get yourself back in the swing of things?

Seriously, I’m looking for ideas…


Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on this! I came to the horrible, horrible realization this morning that I am now 3 pounds lower from where I started on WW over 6 years ago. I'm disgusted with myself for letting myself get this way again. None of my summer clothes are going to fit. So, instead of sitting here complaining about it all the time, I got up this morning and walked a mile - even though I really, really didn't want to. So, I'm going to track in my little notebook and only eat the food I brought to the office - no donuts, no candy, no nothing.
The inside button fell off my pants this morning and I laid it on the table to fix after work tonight. The hubsters asked what the button went to and I said, it fell off my pants because I'm too fat to wear them.
And, I'm in the mood to go shopping, but that means I would have to buy bigger sized clothes and I'm refusing to buy bigger sized clothes. My goal this week: drink my water every day, do my 1 mile walk at least 3 days and make better food choices - especially if we go out!
I'm behind you on this one!!!!

trimadsco said...

Oh gosh, did you jump inside my mind today to write this post? This is sooooo me! I am ashamed to admit it, but I am lazy, plain & simple :-( Even though I desperately want to lose this weight & I know it won't happen with just dieting - I absolutely HATE to get up & exercise. Or clean the house. Or put the laundry away. I have to FORCE myself to go walking,and when I do I try to think of excuses to do just 4 laps instead of 8. Not because I CAN'T do it, but b/c I just don't WANT to. I've done pretty good this time around since starting WW a month ago, but I could be doing better.
I don't really have any suggestions, as I'm still looking for help myself. I just keep telling myself over & over that I HAVE to do this. I am terrified of dying & not being around to raise my girls. I also keep reminding myself that God gave me this body, and I am not doing him justice by letting it go. I constantly ask for his strength in doing this, because I know I cannot do it alone!
Looking forward to others answers to see what they do to get motivated! And sending you hugs & prayers Charlie that you find that motivation too!

Linda P. said...

I am overweight and out of shape. I don't have the energy I used to, and having gone up and down in weight and eating habits, I feel part of my energy problem is because of the way I am eating and the extra weight I have put on. I keep trying to motivate myself that if I start eating better foods, cut out the sugar and white bread, etc., stick to an exercise plan, I will get some of my energy back. I'm just in the process of starting this so I'm hoping I am right.

Anonymous said...

Me? I'm a list person through and through. So what motivates me is keeping a weekly journal with a checklist of the things I want to accomplish that week. Here's mine for this week, posted 2/19 - This week I will: eat a healthy breakfast each morning, find some new healthy breakfast options, lose at least one pound, keep drinking more water (4 16.9 oz. water bottles a day), get active for 30 minutes at least 5 times this week, try a new fitness DVD, focus on eating/choosing healthy snacks. I actually have a check box next to each item! Then, this Friday I will check off what I've accomplished (LOVE doing that!), journal about what I did well, where I need to improve, how I'm feeling in general, and make a new list! ~ Julia

jo.frougal said...

Charlie, all power to you, babe. You are so beautiful inside and out. I love your humor. I'm rooting for you!

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