Sunday, February 7

We are experiencing technical difficulties....

I am washing every uniform in the house right now. Every single piece I can find. By the end of the day I hope to have 15 complete uniforms ready to go for the entire week. Because it’s “Tech Week” for Talley’s Folly.

For those of you who don’t speak theatre, Tech Week, or commonly referred to as “Hell Week” in the theatre circle, is the week when you put costumes, lights and sound together for your show. It’s the week of on stage disasters to happen for most shows. Something usually falls or breaks, someone gets hurt, a speaker blows… the usual case of Murphy’s Law.

And you all know how prone I already am for accidents.

So say a prayer that it all goes well.

Tech Week is also the week for late night rehearsals. It’s really hard with kids who need to get up for school the next day. But it’s one of the sacrifices we made for the fact we have had limited rehearsals previously. For the most part, Matt and I were able to practice at home, which has been nice. Our kids have helped us memorize lines, and they know when we miss something. It’s been a family project, getting Mommy and Daddy put together for this show.

But because I am a veteran theatre mama, I know that if you aren’t organized to the hilt, tech week becomes a disaster for your home life too.

So these are the plans to keep this ship running during a very tiresome week.

1. Prepare all uniforms for the week today, including matching socks, underwear, etc. All we will have to keep track of are shoes and gloves.

2. Crock pot meals. These are a life saver for tech week. I only need to prepare them in the mornings, and we can still eat as a family by 5pm. Unfortunately, the diet is going to have to take a back seat this week. It’s convenience foods all the way for now.

3. Strict homework and bath schedules for the kids. Thankfully, family members will have the kids this week, so if we miss a bath time, Grandma and the aunts can make sure it happens. We will have to be out of the house by 5:45 every night, and may not get home till late. So the best thing to do is make the time I’m home run as smoothly as possible. And accomplish as much as I can.

4. Mama’s gotta rest. That means I’ll be napping through the day. I’ve been running on empty lately, so don’t expect much from me. I’ll be busy sleeping.

5. I’ve got to keep from getting too nervous. Seriously, when I get nervous about a show, I poop like crazy. And it’s not an “I have plenty of warning poo” but a “RUN, FORREST, RUN!!!!” type of situation. I’m sure there will be a fun bloggy post about that next week.

So there’s the run down. I hope that everyone has a wonderful week, and please feel free to leave me comments on here and tell me how things are going! I’m way behind on emailing you guys back, but please know I read every single comment that you leave and they all make me smile!

Hanging in there so far-


Danielle said...

Just know that I love ya and I'm praying for you and Matt!

Autumn Mist said...

I'll be thinking of you too. Looking forward to a full report when you've recovered!

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