Friday, February 26

Moving on to PLAN B...

So I was working on a great post about going to the dentist yesterday. I was writing and writing and had it mostly done.

Then our desktop decided to crap out on me and now I am working from the laptop. Which is where the post about the dentist IS NOT.

Which figures. The one really good thing I wanted to tell you about the week and now you aren't going to get to read it till at least Sunday. Sorry about that.

But tonight is a dinner with some good friends of ours and I will be presenting some new songs that I have written for an upcoming project. And we will be talking about another project in the works too.

Tomorrow, we are taking a trip to Indianapolis to go see Baby Lexi and her brother Lucas (and their mom and dad too!) because that WILL NOT WAIT ANY LONGER.

So that means you will have to wait till Sunday to hear about how Charlie acted afool at the dentist. (And trust me, I surely did!)

Till then, I have a project for you: I want to know what your favorite portable snack is. I need to get back in the habit of snacking on good things, and I'm looking for some ideas. A hundred heads are better than one, so lay it on me. Cause I'm sick of the same old cut up fruit and veggies. I need fresh and fast and portable. Thoughts from the floor?

OK, one of these days I'm gonna get my act back together. Still holding at 177, so that's good. But after eating chili and lasagna this weekend, I may not be on track as much as I would like. But that's the way life works, isn't it???

One step forward, two pounds back...


hawkeyejlp said...

Raw almonds...can put a handful in your pocket in a pinch and no yucky mess

Raisins (not in your pocket though)

Anonymous said...

I love to eat the Stauffer animal crackers. I put a serving in one of those snack size baggies and take it to work. Not necessarily "healthy", but they're low fat. Sometimes I'll pair them with two tootsie roll midgees (the little fat ones - not the skinny ones) and a diet pepsi and I'm good to go.
Otherwise, I'll try and snack on low/no sugar/natural applesauce or bananas or WW Yogurt

trimadsco said...

I like the rice cake snacks, the small ones - Apple Cinnamon, Caramel, Chocolate. I also LOVE the WW mini bars - the cookies 'n cream are DELISH!! Only 1 pt each, but very filling! Other than those & fresh fruit, I'm still looking for some ideas!
I hope you have a FUN weekend! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Rice cakes with peanut butter and a few raisins (Make two and put them face to face)

Frozen fruit -guess it wouldn't stay frozen long - however I've recently fallen in love with this. It's almost like eating ice cream. I've tried bananas, pineapple, peaches, strawberries and other berries.


Danielle said...

Fruits. Pretzels. Nuts. Protein bars. I like all the above, and I love those little rice cakes too. Thinking about food, though, is making me hungry!

Liz said...

Reduced fat string cheese is always a yummy snack.

theresa g said...

*Greek yogurt

*apple slices and almond butter

*veggies (mostly red bell peppers, celery, carrots, radishes, or mushrooms) and hummus (either the super garlicy kind, or SPICY!)

*an antioxidant booster mix of almonds, dried cranberries, and DARK chocolate chips/chunks (it's a good 2 o'clock "SWEET" fix!!)

*fiber bars

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