Wednesday, February 24

Wordless Wednesday

That title is not exactly true. Because I'm far from wordless. But the words I have to say today have nothing to do with dieting, or peeing my pants, or embarassing myself in public.

Today, my words are a deperate plea.


I actually wrote this song for my friend Jennifer last night, but the second I finished writing the last chord on my sheet of music, something happened that made me sing the words to this song inside my head. And heart. It may not seem like major stuff to anyone else, but to me and Matt and our family, we are facing an ongoing battle that we have been fighting for 7 years. I keep asking God "why are things turning out like this? Where are you? WHEN are you going to come in and be my Christ in shining armor?"

Yet He remains silent for now.

So today, I am posting a song that describes quite perfectly what I am feeling and doing today. I am seeking. I am asking. I am listening. Because you have to pay attention when God speaks. He is but a whipser above the waves and crashing of the ocean that we know as life.

I'll be back tomorrow, and we will get back to the dieting thing. But for today, would you join me in prayer (regardless of your religious persuasion) and lift up those who need to hear a clear word? There are MANY of us out there today. Maybe if we bow our heads-
our ears catch what He is telling us.


Danielle said...


Like, wow! I mean... wow.

I think alot of us could claim that God gave you that song just for us. I needed that.

Do you love me enough to send me a copy of the words through email?


trimadsco said...

That is just awesome!! I sooooo enjoyed that!! And needed it!!

Autumn Mist said...

Wonderful! Beautiful! And praying for you, that when you hear that still, small voice, you won't miss it, you won't doubt it, and that you'll obey it.

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