Thursday, February 18

Wallowing in misery no longer...

So what happens when a girl gets sick of her diet over half way through?

She gains weight back. That’s what happens.

What happens when she admits that she’s struggling on her openly public blog and tells others that she is frustrated?

She gets some swift kicks in the rear. Loving kicks, but MAAAAN! Let’s just say it’s a bit tender on the backside at the moment.

Which I could not be more thankful for!

I am not exactly what you could call a self motivated person. I have a nasty habit of starting things and then abandoning them before the end. Which you all know. You’ve seen it.

What I didn’t see was the profound effect it would have on you readers. And to be honest, it amuses me and cracks me up. A real friend tells you if you have stuff in your teeth.

And real friends tell you things like “You are allowed a day. But you are going to get over it and get back to business.” Or things like “Quit feeling sorry for yourself and pull it together.” Or even when you say you aren’t going to walking group, one friend might even mention on Facebook “What happened to the new you?” Southern accent implied.

Those are the keepers!

So I have officially gotten out of the rut mode and have decided that this weekend Matt is going to retake pictures of me in a bathing suit (cause nothing snaps a girl out of her “I’m sick of dieting” funk like stretch marks and abused lycra)and I am going to retake measurements. I promise you that there has been a gain in that department. I know that my waist went back up 3 inches over the last few months. And although I was a little less poundage this morning, (6 ounces) I was STILL at 179. Because I neglected walking group last night and let myself feel sorry for myself just one more night and soothed myself with Papa John’s. (Yep. That’s how “new” the new me really was!)

What is the lesson I need to take away from all of this? (There must be a lesson or it would have been pointless to experience it!)

1. I SUCK at commitment.

2. I am blessed with friends who don’t tolerate my crap.

3. I am not done on the diet yet. I still have a ways to go.

4. My friends REALLY aren’t afraid to tell me they won’t tolerate my crap.

5. I need to quit saying I am going to get back on the ball and actually DO IT.

6. I need to stop thinking that food tastes good. Because while it tastes good, it does NOT look good when it is plastered to my thighs.

7. Sinus medicine is great for clearing things up.

Sometime this weekend you can expect a FULL DETAILED report on my measurements, and most likely embarrassing pictures of myself half dressed. (Sports Illustrated will be knocking on my door, I’m sure. Probably handing me a robe…) But I will get through this.

I guess I just needed a little help from my friends. Thanks, gang. This one’s for you! (and before you even ask- that is not me singing. I only wish it was...)


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You can imply all you want to, but I don't have a Southern accent.
{READ: EYYYE dawn't hav uh Suuuutherrrrrn ack-sent}
But I do love you. And am so proud of you refurbished gusto.
I knew you had it in you.
For realz. YOU, my fray-und, are a rock star.

Danielle said...

Thata gurl!!!

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