Thursday, September 30

Behind the scenes of the FILA commercial

The best thing I can do is move onto the next project, which happens to be the FILA Body Toning System, a product I love more than any other I have tried in the last year.
This past weekend, while filming my footage for the commercial, I hung a black sheet in the bathroom, set up my camera, and went to work.
Sometimes, the best moments of a commercial have nothing to do with the commercial at all. It's the stuff you can't use. Of course, I can use it here- for your amusement. And I love doing "Behind the Scenes" movies, because I'm the girl who always looks for the blooper/gag reel on my DVDs. They remind me I'm not the only one who messes up from time to time. But this one is ALL MATT.
Turn up the sound, folks. You don't want to miss what's going on in the background...
Until tomorrow-


Lee Ann S. said...


Kuhlhiggins said...

It is ok that you only lost 6 ounces because every ounce adds up! Be glad that you didn't gain. That is what my WW leader has said and she knows what she is talking about.

Josie said...

hahahahhaha hysterical!!! don't be bummed you LOST 6 ounces, to be able to lose anything around this time of the month is a success

mommygogo said...

Hilarious. Poor Matt. Not really. HAHAHAHAHA!

You rock, Charlie.

~Shannon =)

Shrinking Mommy said...

So funny! You are awesome! I had a good laugh!

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I love that you posted this, I can't stop giggling!!

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