Thursday, September 16

Big Behind, Smaller Behind

THE STRIKE IS OVER!!! The kids went back to school today, I rested, and our wonderful teachers were back in front of their students. I am so proud of this community for sticking up for our teachers. What a fantastic community I belong to!

So I am really really REALLY behind on my blog reading. In fact, with all this crazy strike business going on, I have no idea where to begin! Can you do me a favor? On the comments, post the BEST of your blog posts this week with a link, and I will read it and comment on it. That way, I read the most important thing to you! That would make me feel better about being behind as I am. Seriously, I worry about things like that!

And speaking of behinds, I am soooooo excited to tell you that I am at 177!!!!!! Finally I have pushed through the plateau and am thrilled to be safely in the land of the 170's once again. Now, I can obsess and stress about getting to the land of 160s for the next month or so!!!


Angela Pea said...

Doing the Happy Dance for your safe arrival in 170's Land! I'm so proud of you!!

My best post last week? The AHA Fun Run results!! Super good because it includes pics of Teen Daughters #1 & #2. #1 drove home from college for the weekend just to run with us! (oh, and to go to the TCU game with us, you know, on that FAMILY pass so she wouldn't have to buy a ticket! ha ha ha)

Hmmmm...I can't seem to make it into a live link, so cut and paste will have to do!

*SWAK* just for you, Charlie of the Shrinking Butt!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Good for you on the weight!!

I totally know what you mean about being behind. I am homeschooling my kids and doing daycare and it has been CRAZY! I am TRYING to get to emails and blogs but I have to pick and choose as there are SO MANY! Just stop on by when you get time! Glad the kiddies are back at school!

Kendra said...

You probably don't know me yet but I read your blog. Since you left the invitation for a link, here's my post:

Shrinking Mommy said...

awesome! Keep up the great work.

I can't wait 'til I am in the land of the 140s *been in 150s WAY to LONG**

I have a before/after pic if you want to check it out

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I am totally doing a happy dance for you and shakin my booty too!!!
I've gotten too far out of the habit of blog commenting, I've just stayed behind on reading I never get to comment. Enough whining though. I did do several posts this week, here's my favorite:

Miss you and we need to talk soon!! Blissdom tickets go on sale Oct. 1st.

Ginger said...

i gave you an award! :)

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