Tuesday, September 7

Tuesday Poetry Corner

Oh how the carb-less have fallen.
Due to hormonal strain-
A weekend that begged for some chocolate
Has left me with 3 pounds of gain.

At 183 point something or other
Is where this girl starts her week.
Cause the internal needs of her body
Won out and have left me so meek.

I’m not too upset by this setback.
I knew it was going to hit.
And I’m not about to let this add-on
Turn my dieting week into crap. ;)

I’m focused on tasks set before me
Of fitting into a size eight.
I’ll water aerobic and bike ride
And do what I must do to lose weight.

Because setbacks and gains are no biggy
As long as you still see the goal.
And I won’t think that I’m a failure
For M&M’s down the pie hole.

I’m just gonna keep eating bacon
And stick to ignoring the bread.
Cause dieting’s far more than eating.
I’m sure that it’s all in my head.


Vee said...

Good for you! Well, you know what I mean. I allow myself 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips a day and PLAN for it in my (new) low carb plan. And if I have carbs left over, i could either have another tbsp or some low-carb (yeah, right) fruit.

You are an inspiration, despite the gain. Or, perhaps because of it?

None of that sounds right but you probably know what I mean.

Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Persistance. Persistance. Persistance.

That's the secret.

Do Good this Week!

Lauren Thomas said...

Oh Charlie I'm right there with you
That time of the month is a dread

But more power to your new low carb diet
There's no way I could give up my bread


Raegun said...

OMG - I LOVE poetry Tuesday. Stick with it and you will get through this.

Biz said...

Loved the poem! Especially the part about keep eating bacon!

Anonymous said...

I went low carb about 9 months ago and have lost 60 lbs. There are 2 things I especially like for sweet cravings. Cocoa roasted almonds (I buy the big thing at Sam's club for $10). The other thing is a low carb mock danish( I do the one without the lemon and add 1tsp sugar free jam on top). If you eat too much it may stall your weight loss, but shouldn't cause you to gain much. Just search out low carb treats ahead of time so you don't blow it in a moment of impulse.
Blessings to you!

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