Saturday, September 4

The Bike Ride

Yesterday, I had the most ingenious idea. I was going to ride my bike to the store to pick up ink for my printer.

Totally inspired by BitchCakes, who is a supercool blogger that met her goal by using weight watchers and riding her bike. Plus, she's one of those rare vintage hardcore lovers like me. She looks fantastic. My bike isn't nearly as cool as hers, but still...

I was going to start riding my bike from my house and go to Office Max, which is exactly 6 miles from my house. But bikes aren't as easy to ride as I remembered. In fact, it was so tough I only made it half a mile and turned around to come home.

Not to mention the sun was close to setting. I wasn't riding as fast as I thought I would. But being the artsy person I am, I thought I would tape my flip video camera onto the front of the bike and let you see.

I didn't think the camera tripod would keep slipping and making my camera fall to view the ground. So I wound up holding the camera upright until I had to use both hands to turn. At which point it would fall to the ground.

Then I found a song from my new favorite band- The Dollyrots. And I made a video just for you!!!

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!! You are such a shining star!

Angela Pea said...

Go Charlie!! You ROCK!!


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Bike riding rules! Great choice of tunes for your video!

Lynda with a Y said...

That is the cutest video I've seen in a while! : )

Vee said...

That was really fun ... ny! Thanks for posting it. Just wish I had sound on my computer to enjoy it even more.

Have to admit ... I prefer my exercycle to an actual bicycle. You go girl!

Vee at

Ginger said...

seriously?!! could you be any cooler? i wish i had a bike to ride. that is so awesome.

come check out my blog you are famous :p

cheryl said...

I admire you -- no biking for me! When I first started walking --- I was so proud of myself -- I probably went 2 miles -- with no cell phone and then I was afraid I wouldn't make it back home --and had No way to call Bob to come and get me...made it back but much more humble

*Bitch Cakes* said...

Thanks for the shout out! And isn't biking the best? I've never felt such freedom as I have on my bike. I love her so much :) Looks like you're having a great time too. You go, girl!

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