Thursday, September 23

A Song Born From Frustration


Vee said...

I sure wish I had sound on my laptop!

That being said, you have cute dimples!

Vee at

Jessica | A Blog to Brag About said...

Charlie! Did you film this with your new camera? While I was watching your video, I couldn't help but compare your "now" face to your "Summer 2008" face in the sidebar. What an astronomical difference! You look fabulous.

Ginger said...

i love your song!! that was so awesome and a great change from reading blogs all the time

T said...

You and Julia even have coordinated hormone/cycle(?)/zit issues. Good grief. BFF's? :-)

~ T

Gina Covello said...

I was noticing the same thing. That the dimples are more noticeable compared to the summer 2008 photo. You go girl! BTW: Why are you frustrated at 178? I thought you were excited to be in the 170's.

Susanne said...

Pretty lady, great song, beautiful voice, not so horrible piano playing. You need to do more of these vlogs... I am always so encouraged when I see your sweet smile and funny faces in action along with your heart.

I really like you!

Raegun said...

Great song - I can totally relate to the lyrics! I agree, this is really refreshing.

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