Tuesday, January 18

My Strange Addiction


Senora Muertos said...

I too am a slave to the scale. I too let it decide if I am going to have a good day or have a pity party for myself.
Kick that scale in the butt honey! Those inches are something to be very proud of!

I am going to vow now to only weigh myself once week and measure myself every two weeks. I have a long way to go, but that's okay.

~ Darla ~ said...

Brazillion...ha ha, been there, done that, tore off the T-shirt and ripped it up. I'm getting much better and one day I will have the inner strength like Karen. I have attempted the once a month, but not yet. I have actually gone a whole entire week without weighing though. Yeah me. I just wrote a post about this too, Charlie. We must be on the same wave length...spooky.

I so love the way you write. You crack me up and make me think. Good luck to you. You can do it! One day I think I'll tie the scale to the back of my car and take if for a drive. Hey, perhaps when I get to goal weight ;-)

Leebird said...

Wowzers! I'm proud of you Charlie girl! I weigh every morning, but it doesn't make or break my day. I need to measure though.

The WholeFamDamily said...

ok first off, those are AMAZING numbers, Charly!! I need to measure myself, BECAUSE i have weighed the same since last March. THE SAME!!! like maybe 1 or 2 lbs difference. WTC?? so THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post and linking to her blog. i almost want to cry, i fit better in my clothes, i still have a long way to go but i keep self sabotaging cuz the scale won't budge so i think it's not worth it.
seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank u thank u. i'm only measuring from now on. i'll maybe weigh myself in a month or two. thank YOU!!!!

Danielle said...

Are you sure that's the same girl in the photo? It doesn't look the same... maybe a twin or something?

LOL!!! I'm kidding! What an amazing story. Such encouragement and truth pours from it.

I'm usually a once-a-week weigher, but yesterday I weighed myself 3 times. *sigh* When I first woke up, right before I left for work and before I went to my WW meeting. My scale is 2lbs off from theres. I weighed more at WW. Disappointing, but it's not getting me down.

I know that you can do this, girl! You can. The numbers speak for themselves.

I love ya to pieces!

I love ever shrinking inch of ya!

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

Holy crow girl!! Look at those inches!! And you know what? Just for shits and giggles I'd say you probably weigh a lot less than I do (I have no idea how much you weigh, or how much I weigh, for that matter) but our waist sizes are about the same.

Anyway, thanks for the the HUGE shout out. And in seeing the link you provided, I realize that I have not kept up with my Real Food Rules Blog...it just doesn't inspire me any more.

I can tell you (and those who are reading this): it takes practice. The self-love thing? It takes a lot of practice. It's not like you get it once and it stays. But if you can only be consistent at one thing? That's the thing to be consistent with.

Angela Pea said...


I have to tell you a funny (sort of ) story. A gajillion years ago, when I was a lieutenant in the Air Force, I spent my entire military career on PROBATION because of my weight. Seriously. I weighed 132 pounds, which sounds GREAT, but was actually seven (ONLY SEVEN!!) pounds over the limit for my height according to the Official Weight Chart.

Here's the kicker. At 132 pounds, I wore a size 6, sometimes a 4. definately a size small tshirt. I I couldn't even GET BDU's small enough to fit me, and had to take them all apart and reassemble smaller. I ran at least five miles a day, was a certified aerobics instructor teaching high impact classes three nights a week. Husband and I would bike hundreds of miles on the weekends. I could benchpress more than half my body weight, and do a hundred situps without getting a cramp or even breaking a sweat. Heck, I could actually get five or six pull ups (OVERHAND!!) done in the allotted time period.

Did that matter to El Sargeanto? No. And he gleefully stamped Probation on my weight chart every month. I hated that man, with a deep and unabiding loathing.

So. Numbers are important. Just pick the numbers that mean the most, like your actual measurements, or the number of great kids you have, or how many friends you have to laugh with.

Untypically Jia said...

Thought I'd let you know (even though I haven't posted it yet), that my current size is almost the exact same as your before size. Seriously. Like give or take an inch or two in each area, but mostly the exact same.

It's like you were born to walk me through this.

Jen said...

GREAT job on all the inches lost!! Thats amazing and a great inspiration to me!

kick the scale to the curb!

Shrinking Mommy said...

good job! That is one of my NY resolutions - to measure myself each week. Soon I will put the on my blog! Screw the scale...it aint doin' nothin'

(I wish I would have measured myself when I first started 2 years ago!)

mysocal said...

So funny! They were talking about this on the radio the other day. This lady said her and her mom eat ceramic bowls. They just sit there and chat and eat ceramic. I am going to have to check out that show.

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

I love your post more than the cupcake I just ate! As a fellow scale slave, I have been struggling with the numbers lately. I keep gaining muscle according to the doctor, but I still get mad cause the number on the scale keeps going up! Thanks for posting this. I feel better now.

Gina Covello said...

The same thing happened to me when I was in Peace Corps in Costa Rica. I ran every day and on the weekends I rode my bike up a mountain to a lake and swam the lake. I reduced 4 sizes and no pounds. I looked great. At my healthiest, I have weighed 165. Which is way off the scales for someone 5'4".

The health insurance companies make you pay extra if you are not a "healthy" weight. When I get back to what I consider a healthy weight, I will argue with them and ask them to use some other tool to determine my health. Like the ex service woman said. She was super healthy yet on probation for her weight every month. Ridiculous!!! When I can run 5 miles everyday - maybe I'll make that my measurement!! (Well, I'll say 3 miles/3 times a week!)

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