Wednesday, January 5

What to do while Weighting

So I feel the need to post today, but I don't have a great story. I don't have any inspirational words to give. I'm just waiting weighting.

I'm waiting for my body to give up the fat. I know it's going to take a while, but I'm doing everything right.

I'm waiting to see my progress on the scale. Soon, I'll be able to say "70 POUNDS LOST" instead of "almost 70!" That's going to feel amazing, I know it!

I'm waiting for the next time I have to eat. I'm trying to keep my metabolism running like a hot fire that burns fat from the inside out. Eating small meals every 4 hours. I'm kinda sick of eating.

I'm waiting for the next time I have to pee. Good gravy, as if my bladder wasn't small enough, now I'm trying to drink half my weight in ounces. Trying to take it slow, so my body has a chance to absorb it. 

Losing weight is a whole bunch of "hurry up and wait." They don't tell you that part in classes, programs, and diet books. They guide you through the steps, but don't tell you what to do inbetween the steps. So I suppose I could offer a few suggestions of:

"What to do while Weighting."

1. Learn how to use the twitter.
Last night, I forced myself to spend 3 hours on twitter and try to master it. I think I have the hang of it now. I also think I will never have to force myself on the twitter again. It may have replaced cake in my life. Come find me!

2. Check out other blogs.
I've been reading a ton of them lately, trying to network and reach out. I've added quite a few to my blog roll, if you need suggestions. If you aren't on there, link it to me in the comments, and I'll getcha added. (And am I on YOURS? lol)

3. Give yourself a breast exam.
It's important to do. It could save your life. Personally, I have Matt check me out once a week. He pays way more attention to them than I do anyway. Boys are silly.

4. Go to my friend Mrs. FatAss's blog, donate $10 bucks and CHANGE A LITTLE GIRL'S LIFE.  

5. Think about something besides food.
Yeah, I have a hard time with this one too. This morning I was watching Cupcake Wars on my DVR and almost drove to the store to get cake. I realized what was happening and turned it off. I also removed it from the DVR que. I am learning to once again recognize my "triggers" and eliminate them.

So that should keep you busy enough for now.

Oh! And I totally forgot that I have a giveaway to do! I'll save it for tomorrow, when hopefully we can have a "70 pound celebration" and make it all festive and stuff. That will make it feel more like a party.

Till then, I'll be here, making good choices and weighting...


Anonymous said...

Oh girl. I LUUURRRRVVVE The Twitter. I do.

And? I love you. Thanks for the help. Hotass.

Anonymous said...

Mercy. I signed up for Twitter when it first showed up, but I haven't conquered it yet.

Only once a week? Oh NO, Charlie! You (and Matt) should be more diligent! Those little lumps can be sneaky.


Untypically Jia said...

Hehe, The Twitter.

Shrinking Mommy said...

you will get there...I promise...but I know it is hard. I say I have almost lost 85...I would love to say I have lost 100 but don't know if this body is going to let me. Keep up the good writing...I love to see what you have to say and you always put a smile on my face!!

Chrissy said...

I am still against Twitter. There are just some things that I will be happy being the last one to do...

I love blog hopping and finding new awesome blogs! That is what I am doing today.. and catching up on old favorites.

Ragemichelle said...

Okay, I'm GLAD we talked about Victoria! I LOVE reading about other people's weight loss's strangely exotic to me. Always interesting and usually inspiring.

I'm down 40 with 30 to go..

Karen said...

I feel like I am always "weighting" too! Loved this. And I am slowly getting into Twitter.

Lacey Q said...

Loved this post, and your writing voice! I look forward to reading your blog daily, and can't wait to meet at Fit Bloggin. Well honestly I'm scared for that, but I'm working on putting myself out of my comfort zone more, and I'm sure it'll be a blast! ~Lacey

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