Monday, January 17

Sticky situation

Tim spilled chocolate milk onto my keyboard, and now that it's dry when I type really fast like I usually do, some of the letters are stickingand they don't show up. It' very irritating.

Also, my function buttons on the top of the keyboard are stuck down, so everyonce in a while my computer goes into random screens asking me if I relly want to do something like reboot or start my projet over.

So I'm not saying much today until I dig another keyboard out of my basemet.

This is annying.


FatAngryBlog said...

Sticky keyboards are the worst!

Angela Pea said...


~ Darla ~ said...


Untypically Jia said...

Well played Marker Man.

nathanalbert said...

LOL that sounds incredibly annoying. That really sucks! I hope your week gets better!

The WholeFamDamily said...

gosh it was annoying to READ! LOL just KIDDING!
yes please, new keyboard stat. don't leave us alone too long...we end up eating snickers bars, gah!!!

Danielle said...

LOL Can't wait for you to get the new keyboard attached and come to entertain us.;-)

Lea said...

Okay, so this made me think of a college friend who's drunk roommate peed on his computer in the middle of night when he came home from the bar (the roommate, not my friend). The roommate replaced the computer itself but the keyboard was 'cleaned' instead. It still stuck. My friend bought a new keyboard ASAP! :)

At least chocolate milk doesn't have quite that much of a "Yuck factor!"

LOL and hope you get that new keyboard stat!

Danielle said...

I normally wouldn't do this... but... I have a favor to ask. My daughter stood up at D.O.Z. last night and shared what God had placed on her heart over the weekend. Would you please go and give her some encouragement and feed back?

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