Monday, March 22

Calgon, do you wash laundry too???

It is 9:49 on Monday morning and I am finally home. I had to take Matt to the airport. (sniff sniff)

I know some of you don’t understand what the big deal is. Most women would be happy to get rid of their husbands for a week.

Not me.

I miss the way he makes me laugh from the other room ALREADY. And it’s only been 3 hours.

It’s gonna be a long week.

But, in order to fill that long week, the kids and I are going to tackle a major overhaul of our house. This includes upteen loads of laundry, scrubbing, and painting. Yep, we are going all out while he is gone. Mostly cause the kids are on Spring break for the next 3 weeks and we are too poor to go anywhere cool. So we are going to make our house cool.

On the diet front, I don’t mind telling you that I enjoyed the weekend, foodwise. I didn’t weigh myself this morning, mostly because we were scrambling to get Matt to his flight on time. And because out of the 5 people that live in our house, only ONE of them is a morning person.

And that one person is not me.

So that’s all for today- nothing terribly interesting. HOWEVER make sure you come back tomorrow for some very exciting news about the Flab to Fab contest. We are opening up the contest tomorrow. And you won’t want to miss this. It’s gonna be a blast!

And, uh, does anyone happen to know the number of the laundry fairy? I’ve heard she exists, and I sure could use her help this week!!!


Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I am right there with ya when the hubs is gone. I don't do well, can't sleep, eat badly. It's sad how much I miss him so I feel ya but you have a great plan this week while he's gone since it's something for him.

I have yet to find the elusive laundry fairy. I wish she'd come by today though I don't have as much as normal since I got caught up last week but now it's piled up again, sigh. Good luck to ya.

And I am looking forward to the contest. I was thinking about it this morning in fact before reading your post.

trimadsco said...

No laundry fairy here, but if you find one, I will pay you good $ for her info!
I'm the same way with my hubby. Hate it when he's gone - which thankfully is not that often!
Hoping the week will fly by for you!

Jackie said...

Hey Charlie!!!

I was on April's site looking through her portfolio gettin' ideas for my blog makeover and lo and behold....there's Charlie! How are you doing???
Thought of you often since She Speaks and hope you're doing well! Love your blog.....I'm following now! Hope you'll stop by my place for a visit sometime!!

Blessings to you!

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