Friday, March 26

Vloggy Friday!!!!

FYI- Applications are due Friday night at 11:59. I would say Saturday at midnight,

but I would confuse myself by stating it that way!

Flab to FAB Blogger Fitness Challenge- we want YOU!!!


Untypically Jia said...

Hopefully the F2F Challenge will be the kick in the butt that everyone needs, regardless of whether or not they are "official" contestants. I know I'm going to start my journey no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Where did you record this? Where are those red, blue, and yellow walls? ~ Julia

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

You just crack me up with rambling. I do the same thing!! I can't imagine choosing who get to do the challenge and who doesn't (it better be me) and not a lot of sleep on top of it. You'll sleep like a rock now that hubs is back. I on the other hand am going to spend the weekend with a bunch of Girl Scouts and am doubting I'll get any sleep all weekend. Maybe I'll make a vlog while I'm gone so you can see it all. Again, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

Katie said...

yeah, yeah, yeah... :) I am certainly going to be linking up. I seriously have NO willpower and my that by being in a 'competition'...I will force myself to just DO IT! :)

Can't wait to keep up with everyone!!!

Chrissy said...

Yay! It is now Monday and we are gettin' it all started! You can do it!

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